Finally Did It!!


I don’t recall if there has ever been a Father’s day before this one where one of my kids wasn’t home.  However, I am certain that this was the first Father’s Day morning since I became a Father that there were no kids in the house when I awoke.  My son had gone back to his school for the weekend, and my daughter was working in Washington DC for the summer.  She was coming up to have brunch with us, but wasn’t scheduled to arrive until 10:00 am.

Kurt arrived a little after 7 am on Father’s Day.  He is one of Ann’s favorite boyfriend’s, and she was looking forward to seeing him.  I hadn’t met Kurt before.  Ann and I had been planning on having him over quite a few times, but the timing hadn’t quite worked out.  Ann had gotten together with him twice before, but they had only had the opportunity to **** once - I believe it was when I was on a business trip.  The other time, she had given him a blow-job in the car after making out for a bit.  The thing that both of us liked about Kurt was that he was a really nice guy who really enjoyed being with a couple.  A real “team player”.

Ann was upstairs in bed.  I had come down to greet Kurt.  After introducing ourselves, I said “I’ve got a video camera set up upstairs.  If you don’t mind, I’d like to run up and turn it on then come back down to bring you up.”

Kurt smiled and said, “No problem.  That’s what my understanding of the get-together was – you were going to make a video.”

I trotted upstairs to turn the camera on, and quickly came back to get Kurt.  He had brought coffee and scones for breakfast so we grabbed it all and headed upstairs to the bedroom.  As Kurt had requested, Ann was in bed still in her pajamas.  Kurt climbed onto the bed to give her a kiss.  “Wow, you look great when you wake up!” he said when he saw her.

“Well,“ she said with a guilty grin “I got up a little while ago to primp for you.”

I grabbed a coffee and sat in a chair to watch the two of them get reacquainted.  Kurt wasted no time – he climbed on top of Ann and worked his way from her head to her *****, kissing her and rubbing her with his hands and body.  As he worked his way down, he pulled the covers down.  Ann was wearing sexy panties and a thin pajama top. She never is nude when things get started; she likes to be undressed.  So she was lying on her back enjoying Kurt kissing he ***** through her panties.

Before too long, Kurt decided he had enough of the panties, and pulled them off.  Ann was getting more and more worked up while her ***** was being licked, and looked over to me.  I knew what she wanted – she wanted both of our mouths on her.  So I came over to her, pulled up her pajama top, and started sucking on her nipple.  Not too much later, she had her first ******.  I had been kneeling on the floor next to the bed, but decided that this would be a good time to get on the bed on the far side of her so I could devote my attention to her more comfortably.

Kurt continued to lick her ***** as I lay next to Ann, kissing her and playing with her nipples.  The two of us gave her another ******.  But Kurt wanted more.  So I returned to my chair on the side so I could watch the two of them.  They ****** in all sorts of positions.  I was happy to see that Kurt was mindful of giving a good show for the camera, and I kept the aim and zoom level adjust for optimal viewing. 

The two of them had worked their way over to the far side of the bed from the camera and Ann’s head was near the edge of the bed.  So I took the opportunity to go over and stand next to her with my rock hard **** not too far from her face.  She loves sucking on a **** while she is being ****** by another one, and immediately grabbed my **** and pulled it into her mouth.  I tried my best to make sure the camera could see her sucking on me – I had wanted to videotape her sucking and ******* for a long time.  But the camera was just too far away on the other side of the bed.  Oh, well….

After a while I returned to the camera and continued to watch them ****.  Ann is very orgasmic, so the way it usually goes with her is:

  1. that the man will position her in the position of his choice.  She is very submissive that way, and is happy to **** in any position.
  2. the two of them **** in that position for 5-10 minutes while she builds to ******.
  3. she **** very intensely.  This can be almost like bull-riding for the guy, depending on the position….
  4. then they go back to step one.

So they continued their fun, but the camera angle wasn’t that great, so I moved the camera.  I got some great video of the two of them *******, and then I noticed Ann was in a good position to suck **** again and the camera angle was excellent.  So I went over to her and she immediately started sucking my hard **** (the two of them **** so well together that watching kept me rock hard the entire time.  Kurt was ******* her nice and hard, almost pulling completely out of her before jamming himself into her.  She was very excited.  When she is overwhelmed with pleasure from a good hard ******* and has a **** in her mount, Ann gets very physical with her sucking.  It is like she is relishing every opportunity to have a **** near her and in her – it’s a real pleasure to see.  Well the camera angle was perfect.  I got some incredible video where you can clearly see Kurts **** sliding in and out of her ***** while she hungrily devours my ****.  It was a fantasy come true for me!  Now I can watch a video any time I like of my wife enjoying two ***** at one time.

But it gets better.

Not too much later, Ann mentioned something (she was tired and a little incoherent) about two ***** in her at once.  It was just a quick statement, but Kurt jumped on it.  “You want double penetration?” he asked.  “We can do that.”

“I don’t know how.” Ann answered.  She was worried about the physical positioning of the three of us.

“No problem.”  Kurt quickly answered.  “Just climb on top of me.”  He laid on his back with his knees at the edge of the bed and his legs dangling down.  Ann climbed on top of him and slid onto his ****.  I got some KY and dripped in on Ann’s anus and began to massage it with my finger to loosen it up.

“I want both of you in my *****.”  She said.  So I put lube on my **** and slowly pushed into her **** right above Kurt’s ****.  Now Kurt has a pretty dang big ****, and the addition of my **** into her was too much.  “Ouch!” she said suddenly and loudly.  I pulled out and said “That hurt you?”

“Yeah.” She said.  But I wasn’t letting this opportunity pass.  Ann likes anal sex, and prefers to have a ***** in her ***** while her *** is being ******.  She has had some of her best ******* that way.  So I started massaging her anus and she said “Be careful!”

She loves being ***-******, but it takes her a while to get used to it.  So I pushed into her and held still for a while.  “Kurt, can you **** me now?” she asked.  Kurt started to push in and out of her and her moaning started.  She’s very loud during anal sex and has very intense *******.  She had one very soon after Kurt started moving.  Before too long I could feel her *** loosening up and started ******* her and rocking her on Kurt by grabbing her hips.  She was continually moaning loudly with pleasure, occasionally interrupted by saying “**** me, Kurt”.  I think Kurt’s position was making it difficult to actively **** Ann, but it was clear that she wanted it because she would have an intense ****** almost immediately after he started up each time.

The three of us **** like this for a while (I don’t know how long).  I almost came in Ann’s *** near the end while she was ******* wildly.  I wanted to *** like that because it just makes a girl look so slutty to have *** dripping out of her ***.  Kurt and I both love that.  But I didn’t and eventually Kurt got tired of the situation and rolled Ann off to the side.  I went into the bathroom to clean myself off, so that I could **** Ann’s ***** without causing her any problems.

When I came out, the two of them were ******* again.  Kurt and I took turns ******* Ann for a while.  Kurt was ******* her from behind while she lay on her tummy, and suddenly started getting worked up.  As he began to ***, he pulled out of her, ripped off his condom, and stroked his **** as he came all over her back.  Then he rubbed his *** around the small of her back and rolled off to the side to rest. 

I took his place.  I love ******* Ann while she lays on her tummy.  I enjoyed ******* her, but wanted to ***.  With Kurt having ***, I knew that his departure was imminent – he was just passing through town on his way up north.  As I started to ***, I also pulled out and came all over Ann’s back.  I rubbed it all over the same area that Kurt had.  Ann has talked numerous time about fantasies where she had *** from multiple guys all over her (she is such an amazing ****!).  I knew she would like have *** from both of us smeared all over her.

As Ann lay tired and happy on the bed, Kurt started to get dressed to go and I turned off the camcorder.  It was such a good ******* session for all of us, and I’ve got it on video.  I am a happy man.



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A great Father's day for all

Very nice!!!

Where can I get a copy of the Vid ????


What a delicious way to spend your Father's Day morning. Fantastic adventure!