My Wife Wants to Try It

I was so happy today. My wife is deployed with the Army. We speak online ofter. Today started like any other. We talked about what she was doing, what was getting to her. If she was going to get promoted. Turns out she is most likely going to have to leave her base and go to another on to go to the board. I told her maybe she would find someone and hook up and get some. One thing if thing lead to another and she asked me if I would be down for a ********* with another guy. I told her hell yes. We talked about a bunch of stuff and I asked her what kind of stuff she wanted to try. The list is too good to be true. That was 10 hours ago and I am still horny. I can't wait till she come home, I am going to tear that *** up. Wish me luck that when she gets back she still wants to go through with it.

drillpvt69 drillpvt69
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4 Responses Jul 19, 2009

So what was her list of things to try?

what happend next ,, i'm waiting .. to know

You're a lucky man.

:) The opening salvo! Yay You!