The Stops Are Out.

It's nice to see the group growing and I hope we all have satisfaction reaching our goals.

This latest missive is an account of the logical progression of of the DP experience.

We met Allen again at the Syberis we all shared a few glasses of wine and got relaxed.The clothes came off and we started to play. I was pleasuring Kerri orally as her and Allen kissed. He began to suck her 42 dbl D's when I saw him start to jack him self to an erection, he has ,for those who didn't read the previous. an 8 &1/2 or 9 inch ****. With out judging or deciding or planning to ever touch another man I found myself reaching for his crotch. I had no idea what his reaction would be. He is 2inches taller and 30 or 40 lbs. heavier than me. As my hand encircled his big **** he looked at me with obvious surprise but his half erect penis jumped to rock hard in seconds. I jacked it a few times and suggested he let me put him inside Kerri's steaming p*ssy. It was only then that Kerri realized that I was touching him.She had an uncertain look on her face and said to Allen "please just **** me" He was only to happy to oblige her. As they were really getting hot and heavy and on top of her( God I love to watch her mate with a big d*cked lover!!!) furiously pounding her sweet hot lil' muffin while he kissed her I shoved my sturdy 6.5 between their faces. Again this was neither preplanned or discussed and either could have blew a gasket ...instead they just blew me!!! Kerri started to suck my boys hard ,she  knows how I love that, as Allen rather unskillfully sucked my raging c* was so f'in hot I came in his mouth. Now it needs to be said when I'm in that state of passion I come so hard that I usually shoot like a **** star . Spurting 2or3 feet for the 1st few shots. He made a valiant effort to contain my heavy load but wound up getting my ***** all over his face and hair.

Now I'll admit as much as I wish other wise, that I'm a 1 shot wonder and like most guys I get really sleepy after a hard ***. Allen with out even missing a beat f*cked Kerri to a screaming ****** over the next 2 hours. As I blissfully dosed in and out of awareness.

Now if you use your imagination... I'm thinkin' double penetration of a completely different sort.

eelgok eelgok
51-55, M
1 Response Sep 29, 2009

:) Me too! It's great that your wife had such a good time.