My Gf - I Give Her A Hand

Here is a PM dialog i had about my GF's Big *****.


Them: Hey Thanks for the add!! She looks GREAT!! Her ***** looks prety tasty but not too stretched out for someone who likes being double ****** by 2 *****. Have you ever tried fist-******* her? If she like a DVP she's probably LOVE being fisted!! 

ME: Her ***** just keeps on expanding the more she ****. She has never had 2 real ***** in her yet just me and a Toy. My ex wife and an old **** buddy used to do the DVP thing with me and my friends. I have had my entire hand in her ***** past the knuckles quite a few times. She likes it when I get my hand all 4 fingers plus the thumb into her ***** and I keep sliding all the way in and out of her *****, but I haven't made a fist with my hand in her *****. 

Them:You don't neccessarily need to make a fist...but if you can stretch her to take you hand, up to the wrist. I was with a girl one time who could do that sooooo easily that it literally scared me (we were only about 16)!! I've never met another woman who could/would take it that far. There is a couple that I play with occaisionally & the wife can take my hand with 4 fingers! 

ME: I've had my hand in her ***** up to my wrist. My fingers where in the Duck Bill formation.

Them: Whoaaa....I bet she gets so wet she drips!?!? I'd like to get her good & wet like that & smear it around her *** and then slip my **** in her ***!! 

ME: It usually takes a while before I can just slide my whole hand in and out of her *****.

I start with a regular sized toy in her ***** while I'm sucking on her ****. I change over to one of big toys in her ***** and **** her with that for a while. I then put the regular sized one in her *** and double **** her while I still sucking on her ****. She usually **** so hard she is wiped out.

I pull the toys out of her and her ***** is just gaping open. I smear KY all over my hand and I start sliding three fingers in and out of her, I add the forth finger and start pumping them in and out of her ***** from the finger tips all the way up to the knuckles.

By this time she has recuperated some and begins the rock her ***** back and forth pushing herself down on my hand. I then add the thumb in tucked in underneath my palm, and between me sliding my hand back and forth and her pushing back against me, My hand just slides in up to the wrist. She usually has this huge ******* when my knuckles pass through her opening. I then slowly pull my hand out to the finger tips and slowly push it back in. I keep pushing my hand in and out of her ***** gradually picking up speed. Pretty soon I'm pumping hand in and out of her ***** from my fingertips to my wrist, She's moaning and bucking and pushing back against me.

It's amazing to see my hand sliding in and out of her ***** and to hear all of the slurping and slopping sounds her ***** is making. When I pull my hand out of her ***** I crawl between her legs and slide my **** into a BIG WET WIDE OPEN SLOPPY MESS. It never takes long for me to add my *** to the mess.

arby4arby arby4arby
Jan 19, 2010