**** For ****

I am bi and I really turn on when I dressed like a ****. Pantyhoses or stockings, short *******, pleated or frilly, pink or black, I want to look like the nauthiest **** that a man could have met. I don't know why but my **** gets harder and garder verytime I wear clothes of a sexy girl and the more slutty I am the more excited I am. When I look like a *****, I like to suck dicks, this makes me feel so nice.And when the man **** in my mouth, this is the best award that the ***** I am will enjoy
chinaboygirl chinaboygirl 31-35, T 2 Responses Jul 10, 2011

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I so am with you on this! I too love to look like a **** and ***** and to see the bulge forming in man's pants. Gosh! He can just even unzip then to get me down to my knees and make me wrap lips around him.

Being submissive I do enjoy most when I'm just there for their pleasure. They can just zip up afterwards and leave me with their *** coating back of my throat. This is my reward. The groan of them coming closer, spurts of thick *** that I'm being fed with and the look of satisfaction on their faces. This is indeed the best award for a *****.

A lovely, perfect ****, my kind of gurl.