I Would Give As I Would Receive

It would be nice to have another CD to dress with, laugh, giggle, drink with, then when were all dressed, roll play, i would like **** you as you sat on an arm less chair, as i sat on you lap you suck on my ****, your **** deep in me, then i would like to take you as sleep, coming up behind you feeling your waist as you layed on you belly, lifting your nighty up pulling your panties off, kissing your thighs, then mounting you, feeling you ***, then I would suck you **** hard, I would like to have you take me, with my legs on our shoulders, you thrusting your manhood deep in me. then i would like you to mount me backwards, facing my 6 inch heels, with my **** in you, you lay back, raise up on your heels bent at the knees, and me under you with my heels on, my angle in you is the best, you raise your hips up and down on my ****. feeling me in you deeper and deeper, you can *** now sweetheart. i will lick you **** clean.
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2 Responses May 23, 2012

sounds like a afternoon of fun sugar xoxo

love you to do that getting wet thinking of it