First Dress Up

I was about 5 years old and my cousin was watching me for the day
  she brought me to her house then we went to her room she un dressed me completly
  then put me in pantys thick tights (i remember they were warm and had a pattern on them )
    then a pink and white petticoat with a t shirt top...I dident know the name of it then but it felt funney..
  pulled a turtleneck on then a plaid  it was( pink and black) jumper dress
    black mary janes then she combed my hair out (it hurt) put ribbions in my hair.
  a pink sweater that buttoned on the side and shoulder
   we went to the park and zoo
    she took pictures ....
     It was a cool fall day ....I loved the warm secure feeling of the tights and the
      petticoat swishing around i kept rubbing the lace with my fingers.... 
     I remember it still from so many years ago...
      when the day was over she just dressed me back into my boys clothes and
      said dont tell your mom ...we can do this again if you like dressing up....
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May 19, 2012