It started when was around 10years of age (5 years ago). I would be sitting in class, unable to concitrate. I wanted to bite my friends who sat next to me. I hated it. I started wondering about what was wrong with me but all i could think was, vampire, but i couldn't accept it. It was impossible. So, i started searching the web trying to find, something, anything thatcould help me understand. I found a website, 1 year ago called, every word apart from the allergies, was me. My blood lust had gotten worse in those years and I've had too many close calls. This website, the people helped me. They are still helping me. I do seem calmer but it changes really quick and it just sends me back to a year ago, so i have to be so careful and so do everyone around me. I can't yet control myself in a room with someone with a cut. To give you a scale of how bad i am, i have cut myself with a razor blade 7 times in 6 months and drunk the blood just to ease the times i go through hell. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)
notimportantsbc notimportantsbc
18-21, F
Jun 4, 2014