Drinking alcohol and eating chocolate covered espresso beans makes me crave blood. I have low iron and more than one person have told me that people who are anemic crave blood. I am not anemic but I low iron. Because of this I cannot donate blood which is actually how I found out, while I was volunteering at a blood drive. But don't worry, I would never steal blood from a blood drive. I have no desire to, I that blood is for people that are in need of it. Anyways, I saw a tv special on AND about how they tested vampire DNA with human DNA and found that vampires have a genetic mutation. On the tv special it showed one of the vampires would find a subject they trust, test them for STD's regularly, sanitize a blade, make a small incision on the back of their shoulder, and drink their blood in a small amount so the subject would not feel faint. I would do that but sometimes I feel like drinking a girl's blood off of their neck. I used to want a girlfriend where I can drink her blood regularly. Or drink her blood, then have sex with her. I found a girlfriend who would try it but we were in a long distance relationship and we are no longer together. Now I am not so sure if I want that. It would be nice but I feel like I shouldn't let that part of me out.
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