Silly Boys, Trucks Are For Girls!

I am a country girl. I love the smell of pine trees, apple pies and freshly mowed grass. I love being in an open space, with fields and beautiful rivers. I also think that trucks are for girls. I think a truck represents an independent woman, like me. I cannot wait till I buy my red, long cab, 2 door, diesel engine, 4x4, dodge ram. And drive it around town with the boys and their old-school yucky blue fords (nothing against the fords!). Its a weird little 'peeve' I guess, but I really want a truck. It symbolizes who I am. Oh, and have any of you heard of the cereal 'Trix'? Well if you have, you'll know that the motto is 'Silly rabbit, Trix is for kids!', well...I'm getting a bumpersticker that reads clear as day 'Silly boys, trucks are for girls'. Nope, I'm not a tomboy, but trucks rule. Red ones. Dodge ones. Not blue ones...or fords .
kaykers kaykers
18-21, F
Aug 22, 2007