Before I Become "Too Old" to Enjoy It. ;-]

~ I'm a late bloomer in a lot of ways. I won't be able to afford to get my license for at least another 3 years. Momma & I are just barily getting by. But I really would like to drive across Canada, spent a few days to a week in each province. Just enjoying all that my country has to offer. I love Canada & I adore being Canadian. My country ROCKS! MAhahahahaha!!!!
I'll go alone, but I'm really hoping that I'll have someone who'll want to come with, to share expenses & driving. I think it'd be awesome. I can't wait to see the rockies. I'd love to hit Calgary during the stampede, but I just really want to see all of it. =)) ~

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1 Response Mar 26, 2009

This sounds like alot of fun. Hopeyou get to do it!