This desire is something that has been building up inside me for some time now. It's nice to let it out.
I became excited when I was younger riding on a mountain road as a passenger in a car. I really got nervous and aroused as I looked over the edge and just noticed that it was a long way down. It also seemed so easy that a car could be driven over the edge. I would even rub myself and imagine it happening. The wonderment became more and more intense when I thought of the driver doing this intentionally. And then I introduced speed into my fantasy along with even sitting on a mans lap and having him inside me as we drove over the edge together. Making it a sexual experience enhanced my fantasy and imagining fuming as he pressed the gas pedal and sent us flying through the air.
Now since I won't find a girl or a guy crazy enough to drive me I have evolved my desire to do it alone. And even to the point of picking out the exact location and seeing how fast I can get my car to go.
So now my plan is to one day treat myself to a mall day and splurge on a hair style pedicure and manicure and expensive *** panties and lingerie and get some good smoke and some coke and and beer and park a little ways away. Then call my exboyfriend and send him a picture of me in the car and say goodbye to a great piece of *** he won't touch again. Then after coking smoking weed and a few beers starting my car engine and revving the **** out of it while ************ drop it into drive and with my barefoot mashing the gas pedal to the floor and while having an ****** drive myself at full speed off the cliff! God I can't wait. This is what I've dreamed of. I know I won't survive but I don't really care and I don't really want to. I hope to do it either on my 29th or 30th birthday. Or even sooner if the urge hits me at the right moment.
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hey that's how I wanna be buried strapped to my restored 1973 barracuda and rolled off a cliff

we can just drive it!

this is true

That... is an awesome way to end it. lol


Whats your fantasy babe? Maybe we connect.