Driving Naked In A Jeep

Years ago I used to go off roading in an old Jeep, once we got to the back roads my girl friend would go topless and sometimes get naked, I loved to watch her boobs bounce over rough terain. Sometimes I would get naked with her but the canvas seat covers were alittle rough on the bottom. We were caught a few times by other Jeepers on the trails, Never saw any other naked Jeepers but once in a while we would see another topless wife or girl friend, mabe we started something.
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Back when I owned a Jeep, I remember doing a little drinking and then having to run an errand (condom run I think). Clearly, I was horny, and actually managed to drive naked back to my apartment with the top of the Jeep off through downtown Norfolk, Va. Luckily, it was late at night so I didn't encounter any traffic :)

I think there is something about a Jeep that encourages it (naked driving). I had drive naked before I got my jeep but enjoy it a lot more with the jeep, especially with the top down. When friends would come to visit we would take jeep trips to hot springs and isolated mountain campsites. We would end up naked either from soaking in the springs or the stream and then allow the dry air to warm and dry us. It only seemed natural to stay naked when we got back into the jeep to drive to our next stop, which was probably another spring or skinny dipping spot.

Well, the trip got to be known as naked desert tours and as time went by these trips got more and more naked to the point that we rarely dressed once we left town.

I've done it a few times, a dirt bike out in the desert.

Try riding your motorcycle naked!

I sold my Jeep back in '09. I miss that Jeep, and off roading. I never went off roading while nude, but I have driven it nude for hundreds of miles. There were very few vehicles that were taller than me, giving me a lot of nude freedom. I really only needed to worry about semi's. I even drove nude with the top off a few times. I also drove through a town in western NY at night with the top and doors off while nude, but it was around 10:30 at night, and very few even noticed me driving, much less me being nude.

All of my off-roading buddies we not into the nudist lifestyle, so I never got nude while off-roading.

I'm too old to really crazy stuff anymore, the Jeep is long gone, so is that girl friend. I still go off into the boon docks but on a motorcycle. The thought has crossed my mind two or three times to get another Jeep.

Sounds like fun, especially the bouncing boobs. Do you still do "crazy" stuff? A girl I work with goes off-road four wheeling. She said she and her boyfriend drove past two people going at it with the girl bent over the hood of their vehicle. I guess folk are still out their having fun.