Naked Driving

i was just wanting to know am i the only person who wants to drive naked 
marshfieldjman marshfieldjman
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I love driving naked. I've been doing it now for about 6 years. I travel for my work. My last trip was about 300 miles nude all the way. Truckers love the show!!

Drove 200 mile round trip on mass pike to boston several time toll booths are harrowing

You are not alone in wanting to or actually driving in the nude. I have been doing this since I was sixteen. In high school friends and I did this most every weekend. The summer months with the windows down are the best time. So just do it and have a good time. Its more fun if you get a friend(s) to go with you.

No, there are a few more of us perverts out here. Drive safe!

I love driving naked.Have not had as many chances this summer.I usually leave the house wearing only a pair of shorts and some flip flops.I have a not very busy country road I ride naked on.Most of the time,the shorts don't come off till I reach the road.But on a few occasions I am naked not long after leaving the house.A few times I rode home naked.

Driving naked is my favorite summertime activity.I have never left the house naked,but I have returned home naked.Driving naked was very arousing the first few times I did it.I would be driving along a throbbing erection.Now it is no big deal,just a way to relax,and be naked out in public.

I drive to a nudist resort about 20 miles from my house several times a year, I almost always drive there naked. I take a towel with me just incase someone gets too nosy and that's all I need at the resort. I have a pair of shorts with me just incase I have to get out of the car. I've never had an issue.

i often drive home at night from a friends house with my **** out. I am always hoping someone will see but have never had the courage to look out the side windows to make eye contact, and usually try to make it not so obvious (love the thrill but nervous). Last time i was driving down a street with a lot of ***** clubs, and pulled into the parking lot of an adult theater , sat there a while but then chickened out, anyone got any reassuring stories to help me keep going


I drive naked with my clothes in the trunk. Love it!


Nope. Been there, done that... :)

Hi folks, I live in Ireland and I drive naked whenever possible. I only do it in daylight during the summer months if the weather is warm, which is not very often. In the winter months I drive naked at night time. I always keep an item of clothing to hand to cover up just in case. I also go naked at the beach a lot.

ive been driving naked since i first got my licence. i hae gone long distances day and night. I will get out on deserted roads naked and **********. a while back, my wife and i were on a road trip, i was driving and she was asleep. i stirpped naked and was ************ when she woke up. i reached over and started ************ her, we had to stop at a deserted rest area to finish.

Driving nude is so sediment. Just keep something in case of a flat tire. I learned the hard way

I love to drive naked!! I like to pull next to tour buses,school buses and trucks! I like to flash truckers and you would be surprised at how many of the big burly type drivers like a show and want more!! I pulled next to a bus load of prisoners and they were cheering me on as I jerked off for them!! I could hear them thru the open windons saying make it squirt man let me see it!! I live in the Greenville SC area and travle I85 alot so look out for me,maybe we and share a ride!!

do it all the time; hate clothes; restrictive and uncomfortable in comparison to nothing :)

I drive naked all the time here in Las Vegas.

I love driving naked. I used to do it often in NH and especially when driving over in VT. I even had a chance to drive most of the way naked cross country down to Texas and back.

not at all it is something i have been wanting to do for a while but always ended up chickening out

One time before I went to work, I told my wife, “Tonight, from work, I’m going to drive <br />
all the way home and walk in the front door of the house, naked.” (The deal was this: If <br />
my wife’s girlfriend from next door was there visiting tonight, which she often was, then <br />
she’d leave the porch light on, as a signal to me. Porch light ON, her girlfriend’s there – <br />
put on your clothes before you get out of the car and come in the house. Lights OFF, OK <br />
to come in the house naked.) Well, she forgot about our “porch light signal” that night … <br />
and left the lights off without thinking. So here I come, just as I said I would, driving ten <br />
miles home from work naked … and the porch light was off. So I walked right in the <br />
front door of the house without a stitch on! My wife was surprised and shocked, but just <br />
by chance, her girlfriend had already gone home for the night, so I didn’t walk in on her!

I think if a persons windows are tinted, it's no ones business. My wife has been a naked passenger many times. She would like dark windows and a big sun roof, open. That sounds fun to me too.

I think if a persons windows are tinted, it's no ones business. My wife has been a naked passenger many times. She would like dark windows and a big sun roof, open. That sounds fun to me too.

hey marshfieldjman as you have found out your not the only person who drives or wants to drive in the nude, there must be thousands out there who are either not on EP to admit to it or are too shy to admit to it in public, but hey i'm not i drive nude all the time and i'm proud to admit it.

no your not wierd bluedude there are lots of people who drive totally naked or naked from the waist down you dont see them because they'er careful and cover up if they think someone might see them and they dont know that you wont mind seeing them, i know i do and i drive naked a lot and while i'm proud to show off my body i do try to be careful about being seen.<br />
<br />

Wife and I drive naked, lots.. Not pervs, just love the feeling. I never see anyone else tho..are we wierd?

just curious how many of you mature women like flashing and driving around naked ( 50-? y/o)

just curious how many of you mature women like flashing and driving around naked ( 50-? y/o)

Why do we love to drive naked? What was the first time and why? How long have we been driving naked? Will we ever stop? So many questions, so many answers! I want to hear yours.

Yes I love driving naked. I often drive to the beach in the early morning for a run and often a swim. After my run I normally have a swim in the surf for 30 or so mins before driving back home. I will always undress and drive home naked with a towel on the seat in case I am at risk of being caught.<br />
It is a fantastic experience and such a turn on.

I love driving naked. I have been doing so almost every day for the last 10 Months. I'm a guy, so whenever I drive past a guy, I cover with a hand. Otherwise I'm wide open day or night. I leave my pants or shorts at my ankles so I can cover quickly if necessary. Most people don't notice. Some women look with curiosity, some see and back off or speed up. My favorite is when 2 or more young women see me and laugh, enjoy the show,<br />
and stare. To me, that's a holy grail moment. It makes me hard and I come quickly!

I often go surfing early in the morning before work. When I finish my surf I always use the outdoor shower and slowly undress under the shower. when finsihed I quickly wrap my towel around me. I then drive home naked all the time. Love the feeling of driving naked and the thrill of someone seeing me.

I used to drive naked all the time. Only at night, and I would get such an adrenaline rush from it. I kept a pair of shorts under the seat, just in case I got pulled over.

I don't know about driving naked, but a lot of times I'll just put my pants on if I was sleeping naked, no shoes just my pants, and go grab some fast food. That's about as close as I get. Well besides the classic swimming naked I'll do that, but I've just not found anyone that wants too.

jack it was great

Hey, well done, it's great isn't it? Welcome to the naked mobile clan.

I finally did it i drove naked and it felt good

Occasionally I go out for a drive when it's dark (and hot) with little on. I pull my pants down and drive for a while. I find it very exciting but also scary. I'm afraid I will get stopped and publicly humiliated. But maybe it's the danger that makes it exciting.

I travel a lot. I drive naked all the time. I love it.

Patty do you still drive in just your bra and panties. Email me sometime so we can talk.