Have Done It A Few Times

Mostly at night, but have done it twice in daylight. That is especially thrilling.

Most times I'll just go out and get in the car, drive for a few miles out of town then stop, ***** off and put my clothes on the seat beside me.

I did once go out in some old clothes (pair of shorts and an old t-shirt). I drive to the next town, and parked on the outskirts. Took off my clothes and just threw them out the window. Then I headed into town, drove around for about 20 minutes then continued on out the other side and circled around the town and drive back home.
The second thrill of the evening was getting back in to my house naked. I didn't have a driveway at the time and had to park out on the street.
It was around 3am so I was fairly sure of not being seen. But there's always a risk.

Great days...
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

Driving naked is my favorite summer time activity.On a warm evening,leave the house wearing only a pair of loose fitting shorts.I have a country road I ride naked on.But some evenings I am naked before I get to the country road.
I have returned to the house naked a few times.I have a garage,so I just pull in the garage,and walk in the house naked.