I Do it All the Time

I kid you not.
I have driven naked in all of the “lower 48” states, in more than half the counties in the country, over more than half the Interstate highways, and a fair amount of U. S. and state highways.
There is a site dedicated to “collecting” new counties. If you do a search under ‘“naked_driver” counties’ (with the double quotes but not the single ones), you will find me there. If you search under “midnite_express” (there you need the quotes or the underscore may get left out; note the spelling of “midnight” as there was a fifteen-character limit on the size of the username and they didn’t like “naked_driver” so I used the name of my vehicle when I joined).
All in all, I estimate I have a little under 300000 miles of naked driving in my life, and usually add about 20000 miles a year, though things are slow this one because my car is not running. The most I got in one year since I started keeping track (2001) is 38400 (2006); the least was 5300 (2003); I first drove naked in 1981. I am probably one of the most prolific non-professional naked drivers in the country, if not the world.
I now am trying to complete as many states, county-wise, as possible while driving on as much of the highway system as feasible. So far I have all the counties in (listed by order of completion): Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Delaware, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas. I've also been in the District of Columbia, but that is not a state. In addition, I have completed all the Interstate highways in Delaware, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Iowa, and Oklahoma; I need only a few green (“business”) Interstates in Missouri, Kentucky, Nevada (plus I-15 from CA border to the *****), and Nebraska, a very short stretch of I-55 plus some green ones in Illinois, I-190 and a few green ones in South Dakota, I-81 and 26 in Tennessee, and I-335 and the toll part of 70 in Kansas.
The longest Interstate highway I have driven on all of is I-64. In addition, I have completed (in numerical order): 12, 24, 27, 30, 43, 44, 45, 49, 57, 69, 72, 74 western (IA to OH), 76 western (CO and NE), and 88 western (IL) and a number of three-digit ones. The longest U. S. highway I have completed is 69 (TX-MN) but also have 8, 73, 96, 159. 175, 218, and 400.
I also pick up hitchhikers while driving naked; some of their reactions are priceless! (I posted a story about that in another group (“Drive Nude”, EP Link ).)
So, drive naked and see how much mileage you amass!
Addendum, 05/13/2011: Since I wrote this story, I have picked up a few new highways and counties, plus changed my username on the “clinched highway” site above; you should search under ‘“barefoot_driver” clinched’ without the single quotes. The longest U. S. highway I have completed as of now is 71 (from southern LA to the MN/Canadian border) plus new parts of 18, 81, 212, 12, 53, 2, and 169. I have done all the Interstate highways (including the green ones) in Illinois as well. New state highways were driven on in IA, IL, NE, SD, and MN, and were updated in the clinched list. The states in which I added counties were SD, NE, and MN. I plan on getting more counties in those areas in a few weeks. My car was running from April to July last year, then I was out of service for eight months. I just bought a different one two weeks ago.
Second addendum, 07/28/2011: Trips in June and July finished some US highways (53, 63, and 151) and gained new counties in WI (complete), MN, NE, and WY while recovering the property from my old car. The Interstate highways of KS are now done, and I added the last green one in MN (Austin) that I needed. In addition, I did Pride in Chicago again which was very nice.

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sometimes, but most of the time the hitchhikers just get in with no comment, or refuse to get in at all.

Kewl!! I bet the suprizes are great...........