The last time I drove Rote 66, I was saddened by the demise of old America. Most of 66 is abandoned now, and has been replaced by Interstate 40. Some places along the way, the two roads run right next to each other, and you can see the fallen down gas stations and stores along the way. The whole route is dotted with little piles of lumber, the remnants of the billboard signs which used to advertise the stores along the way. There are still places where 66 is open, mostly through little towns that refused to move. We stayed in a motel in Tucumcari, New Mexico last year, and it was cool to spend the night on Route 66.

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Drive on!

Thanks for the visual trip..<br />
Being I have been reflecting allot lately, mainly about driving or just getting out to blow the dust off me, this post hit home...<br />
if i can rise up and just take that first step to those enjoyable journeys, that lead to Dreams...<br />
So as I sit behind My oversize desktop burning cells dreaming, I thought it might be nice, to start transferring my Library of 5k+Tunes from Media pla<x>yer over to a Itunes Library.<br />
<br />
I think it took me 5 days to do the majority..hmmm<br />
<br />
I was listening to select tracks as they reripped. I listened to Nate Cole's 66,<br />
Rascal flatts Life's a highway and just so happened to open this post today and went back to those tunes so fresh in my cavity just 2 days ago..<br />
I'm Hoping I can buy one,( Ipod), just to eliminate the tons of burned CD's from my stored originals, that are all stuffed in my visors and Satchels toss about the back of my ride taking up space.<br />
<br />
the story/posr hit me Like a nice dream, thanks<br />
I'm hoping for something to shake out like a future road trip a bit closer maybe up the coastto Acadia national Seashore , but just the vision and dream sent forth was appericated.. Thanks for the share..<br />
Would love To burn a week making that Iconic drive, listening to My library ...<br />
Be safe Thanks again <br />
YF<br />