Random Rant-of-sorts..

So.. I abhor college.

Basically, I abhor school in general. I spent most of my preschool years attempting to get myself kicked out.. only to find that resistance was, sadly, futile. It didn't matter how loudly you screamed. Or how often. It didn't matter how vehemently you refused to share, or how many people you managed to 'accidentally' disturb during naptime. It didn't matter if you liked to sneak off and hide in the chapel upstairs, nearly giving the teachers a coronary when "mom" showed up to take you home and you were nowhere to be found. (On a regular basis.) As satisfying as it was, even managing to pee on the bitchy teacher's aide was but an exercise in futility. (Apparently, it is pretty much impossible to render oneself expelled from preschool.)

By the time I hit grade school, I managed to resign myself to the fact that I was in it for the long haul. I shirked the whole rebellion thing and became a model student. I didn't cause trouble. (In fact, most of the teachers were quite fond of me.) I made friends. I joined clubs. I aced honors courses without opening the textbooks. I represented our school in art shows, science fairs, geography bees, as a finalist in the National Spelling Bee.

I tried. I really did.

But, ultimately, I still hated it.

My parents- and their many academically-inclined friends- were wholly convinced that there was but a single cure for my academic disinclination: COLLEGE.

"College! You're going to love college! College will be new, and fun, and exciting, and challenging for once! College will be the best experience of your lifetime! Yay, college!!!!!!!!!oneoneone.. etc."

In their PhD-laden social circle, college was the promised land.. and after years of such indoctrination, I came to believe them. Unquestioningly.

It's probably the only reason I didn't march into the guidance office the morning of my sixteenth birthday and inform them that I would never, ever, under any circumstances be coming back again. Ever. (Quoth the parental types/ guidance counselor/ teachers/ my academically obsessed friends, etc.: "GED?! *shriek of unbridled terror* But.. you.. you'll never get into college with a GED!")

Much to my dismay, however.. college turned out to be nothing more than more of the same- the sole exception being the fact that now I have the 'pleasure' of forking over obscene sums of money for the 'enjoyment' of being, once again, stuck in a classroom doing mindless busywork and listening to professors drone on and on about "gen eds" that have absolutely no relevance whatsoever with regards to my major of choice. I guess academia just isn't my style.

Alas, one of the (very) few things I find more distasteful than college is the thought of being 40 and living in my parents' basement.

It is for that reason, (and pretty much that reason alone), that I'm posting this under 'I want to drop out of college' and not 'I am dropping out of college', or (better yet), 'thank god I dropped out of college'.


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You're smart. Seriously. I wish I had the determination that you do to stay in college. I absolutely hate it for all the same reasons, and I have a very similar past in terms of preschool through high school. I did very well in school and I'm now at a nice private college, and I am embarrassed to say that I could be so much happier if I got the f*** out of here. If you can stick it out and get your degree then you probably should, simply because you will have an "easier" time in life, as my family tells me. But if you are completely miserable and cannot find a way to make things better for yourself (aka. me) then screw that. There are ways for smart people to succeed in life without being "smart" in the way that society wants us to be.

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It's the Gen Eds that are the problem. Frankly I see them as a way for colleges to take money from students for work they should have done in High Schoool, and for High Schools to make no effort to ensure students are actually prepared for further education. It is getting like this in Canada now too, so my son is going to University in England instead to avoid Gen Eds.

An intellectually honest rant to be sure. At no point do I see a direction in all of this with the exception that you want to move away from academia, but won't for a desire to not be living with your parents at 40. So, what to do? Wouldn't it be ironic if you were to find a calling in educational counselling? I don't really see this happening, but where you go is entirely up to you. My daughter is in college, and has many of the complaints you have. What I do is to encourage her to involve herself in her studies that she finds boring and make it interesting to her. For example, in biology studies, cutting apart small reptiles could be boring. But with her interest in dragons, why not take the role of a forensic pathologist and use the understanding of biology to hypothesize on what the physiology on what a real dragon might have been. This would spice it up a bit, indeed. (There is a serious minority of historians that do think the dragon mythology might be based in fact upon creatures that really did exist. Perhaps they didn't fly or roast entire Roman legions with their breath, but it is an interesting diversion.). What is your passion? What might you want out of the rest of your life's work, whatever that may turn out to be? You are obviously bored and bright beyond doubt, it will be wonderful to see when you hit your stride what you will become.