I'm Here For All the Wrong Reasons.

Why did I go to college?  Because it was expected of me.  To get out of my hometown and start somewhere new.  To go for four years and get a degree that would get me a decent job.  Did I know what I wanted to do?  No. 

Where did my passion for learning go?  I suspect it's lost somewhere in the mire of having to write dry academic research papers and taking excruciatingly boring general education requirements that I probably won't be finished with until midway through my junior year.

I'm trying to justify putting myself through that much hell and going into so much debt.

I'm also failing utterly at it.

heymoderndays heymoderndays
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5 Responses Apr 29, 2008

Im interested to see where you are today heymoderndays. I am in the same situation at school in California.

incredible i kinda feel the same

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Most young adults start college without knowing what major or degree they want to go in or achieve. I wouldn't stress over that part. As you become exposed to more options or oportunities, yuor mind might change half a dozen times, even! But if you went, strictly to appease others (such as family or friends) you will not find happiness or gratification until you use the learning experience for YOUR benifit. And running away is... running away. Doesn't matter that in this case it was to "run off to college". If you left to get out of some situation in your old surroundings... it has an uncany knack of finding it's way back into your future... even if only on a mental aspect.