Should I Be This Disillusioned This Early?

I'm currently finishing up my first semester at my school. It's not what I expected and I can't say it's all bad. I like my schedule, in that I get to finish early and get out of there. I never expected this workload and all my assignments seem relentless. I have at least two papers or projects a week. It doesn't help that I procrastinate and have lousy study habits. I'm starting to feel bad about the major I'm choosing and wondering if I should change it, but I've already taken some classes for it, and don't want them to have been in vain. I hate the pressure of grades here, and the thought of losing my scholarship if they're bad, not that I usually ever know what they are, cause unlike high school, there's no student portal. I hate to think I have several more years of this, and maybe more if I decide for graduate school. That's another thing that worries me, the debt I would have to incur if I went for that, even though it seems necessary. I want to drop out, this is stressful and I feel aimless about my future. But I feel that if I do, I won't have good prospects and people will look at me as a loser, a quitter, as wasted potential.
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You can always move to Australia and try a trade school

sorry shadow but i don't completely agree with u. i agree u have gotta stick to doing ur best but it has to be a goal ur sure of. if ur going for a major only because ur parents want u to u might do well but u won't be happy. i'm just giving that as an example. quitting collage wouldn't be the end of the world, it would mean u could go back some other time & u would graduate l8r. there is something to be said to dedicating ur whole life for a couple of years but u have to be realistic with ur expectations. there's nothing wrong with accepting a challenge but if it's gonna burn u out & make u sick there's not much to gain from it. also if u choose another major that's not bad either. even if u have started taking classes in it. it doesn't hurt to learn nething & u could also use that in other things. ur scholarship kinda puts some pressure on things but again, know what u can handle, don't take more credits than u think u can handle & study what u love.

People always look at you different even while your in college their still gonna look at you different at that point it's mostly jealously or dislike but as far as quitting college please don't do that I'm a college student myself and right now I'm going through a lot of things and it seems so hard especially with having to deal with school and everything else. Honestly I've thought of the exact same thing you were thinking but in the end it's not worth it even with all the bad that comes with it just know no matter what there is always good that comes from everything.