Sometimes I Want To Drown In A River To Hide My Tears.

There are times when I want to cry and just scream! Hit and beat up anything in my path. The fact that I'm gay makes me want to cry constantly since my mom doesn't accept me. She tries to shove religion down my throat because she tries to change me I've refuse to go to church. Appeaently she hates me now or she's just mad at me since she gives me only an angry look.

It is hurting me that she just can't let me be! So sometimes at night I silently cry when it is too hard to handle. . .
screamqueenrocker screamqueenrocker
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 13, 2011

I'm sorry, but I guess as a parent it would be hard for me to accept my child was different. Maybe in time when she looks beyond the exterior into your heart, she will understand this is not about her failure as a parent, it is about who you are, and what makes you happy. Hugs!