I don't really want anyone to talk to, i've learnt there's nobody out there who likes to listen to the stuff coming out of my mind.

Still i don't want to hold an argument, i don't want a discussion because the people i could talk to were too into it.

Also i don't think a conversation will help me reach nirvana or that enough thinking will ascend me to a higher plane of thought. I know i'll be here all my life. If there is a higher dimension, an ethereal plane beyond flesh i'm not getting to it until this body decays.

So all philosophical thinking is just a hobby, just a way to spend the time on this world, as much as tv is to most people. In my opinion, way more enyojable though.

So i'll start dumping my words in here, thanks in advance to anyone who reads, anyone who replies in agreement or disagreement, i'll be glad to talk to.

I do believe the knowledge, and the intelect we gather through our lives is kept somewhere. Doesn't make sense but if people is entitled to a religion this is mine:

We are here to experience everything that is. We are a sensory appendix, a computer that registers every encounter with this reality, and sends it to a repository in a higher dimension. The reason, or the ultimate purpose, escapes me.

I like the way Carl sagan said it so i'll use his words:

We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.

I also like the way the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy puts it, that the universe is a series of variables playing itself from its creation, like an incredibly complex rubik's cube that exists only to solve itself in a determined amount of time. And once it does, it ceases to exist, dissapearing and being replaced by another universe, even more complex than the one before.

Reducing the universe to a self solving game has some compelling thing to it...
jafetgx jafetgx
26-30, M
Aug 20, 2014