This is what i think of humanity as a whole so far...

It's afraid of change. Even if our situation isn't 'ideal' we like status quo. We always want more, but we're hesitant to take a step forward because of fear of losing what we have.
I'm guilty of this sin too... i've took a step back many times because of this same fear.

Humanity has a need to belong. I think this is a residue of our animal self, unevolved where we needed to be in 'packs' to survive. Most animals need so, and we need society to survive, but we go way beyond that. We constantly want to tag ourselves, to be validated and approved by someone else. We are afraid to be alone.

Something comes out of this, and it's self loathing and fear. If i think of myself as i am, i love myself. Thinking there's no society, there's no measure to live up to. Society pressures you to be a certain kind of person. Hard worker, fit, efficient, happy. But reality isn't like that, so when you see yourself through the eyes of society, you loathe yourself. Because you're not what you're supposed to be.

The truth is that all this must be left behind, strangely i've seen most people in here, most 'online' people have cut themselves away from society, but it's not the majority, not by a long shot. People who follow trends, people who judge by looks, people who bash because someone else believes things are different. All this should go if the world is to be a better place.

I know this is nothing but a dream. It's easier for us to be extinct than to be conscious of the illnesses that are spoiling us.

And i think this is why people you see on the street on the morning commute, on the bus, on the subway, have always such a generic face. They're not really there, they're inside their minds escaping while time goes by, while they get where they have to be.

We reclude ourselves to the darkest places of our minds, for no one but ourselves to see it. We hide ourselves like it's a sin to show it to other people, when in reality is the most beutiful thing someone has to give, themselves.

We should just stop caring, be who we want to be. Do what me must to live in a society, because it's needed to survive, but not forgetting that this life isn't ours.

jafetgx jafetgx
26-30, M
Aug 20, 2014