So Badly

 As a baby I was born with jet black hair. I looked similar to harry Potter actually, only as a female. XD 

Anyway, once I turned about two it turned, literally, BLEACH blonde, and has been different shades of blonde ever since. I've never dyed it, my parents won't let me. :P But I would really like to dye it black again.

At the moment it is a completely drab and ugly dishwater blonde. It doesn't strike anyone as beautiful, and doesn't have much personality in it. In a few weeks I am going to cut my hair short, really short, and then would be a really good time to dye it. 

Other than that red would be cool, but black is most definitely the best. 

justthatgirl justthatgirl
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3 Responses Dec 9, 2009

contrasting streaks would be good too!

Dye Yes<br />
Short NO<br />
Either red or black would be hot.

Yes, I am LOVING black, you should just go like me, rebel and then beg for forgiveness. Lol, but seriously as long as you don't let your rents know I helped you, I would even buy you the die and we could do it at my place. Just make sure they don't get mad at me and make us not see each other again :/