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Done, Done And Done

Finally, after months and months and moooooonths of waiting, I had my hair dyed! =D I wanted to dye it black... but...

decided against it because the black would officially ruin my natural coulour and I don't want that. I like my own colour hair, so I really don't want to mess it up forever.

So, went for purple instead! Intensive purple-red, purple base and a toner of black!  My 'normal' hair is dark chocolatish brown and has a natural dark red tint, so quite a bit of purple and black had to be used. If I straighten my hair, the style should kinda look like the picture below, but shorter fringe.

And when I'm in the sunlight, dum-dum-dum, my awesome colour is close to this! =D

When I'm out of high school, I totally want to go all-out purple/black or something. I won't go light, though. I always make light colours look horrible. =/

Lol, how cool would this be? ^^

Oh, and DarkAngel: I found your hair colour at it's best! =P
Floydess Floydess 18-21, F 16 Responses May 4, 2011

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Like, "eeek! O.o Help! =O" =P<br />
<br />
*waits for torturous Dad*

Mummy? <br />
<br />

Mummy.... O.o<br />
<br />
Well... I wouldn't complain? =P If my Dad'll give me my cable, I'll try. =/

Lol? No, just would try to get happy on it =P<br />
<br />
Women. xP<br />
Would you be happy to see a picture of just one of my eyes? Only my hair?

Try'na get high on it? =P<br />
<br />
Hehehehe, okay, okay, okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! *rolls eyes* Men. =P

To gaze merrily at? =P<br />
<br />
I know, I mean with your hair included.

Lol, to do what with? =P<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
I have a photo of an eye up. =P

Neck! :D<br />
<br />
More seriously, anything you wouldn't mind showing.<br />
<br />
Even more seriously, eyes!!

Sistah, dye your hair with a few pink streaks! =D<br />
<br />
*raises eyebrow, grins* How much... more?

Maybe... I would give it a nom just in case ;P<br />
<br />
More than hair.... *wink wink*

Yeah, the last pic looks great, but even the slightest pink would most probably make people wonder if I have cotton candy stuck in my hair. xD<br />
<br />
Lol, Sistah, I think he wants to see pictures of your hair. x)

I don't know!<br />
<br />
The last one is cool. but needs a bit more pink stripes... *grabs pink sharpie and scribbles*

Huh? =/<br />
<br />
Ooooh, last one is nice! =D

Pics or it didn't happen! D:<br />
<br />
DarkAngel, how about black with pink highlights?<br />
Like this...<br /><br />
<br />
but as long and all as this<br />

*grins* ;)<br />
<br />
Na... it'd enhance it! =P

Purple hair looks awesommeee. :D<br />
<br />
*blush* at last pic. Pink hair would clash with my skin tone. xD