How to Eat Your Own Cream Pie

Like other here I had fantasies about eating cream pies, but being in a magnamous relationship this wasn't going to happen unless it was my own.  Again like others, while thinking about it during sex drove me crazy, as soon as I came the urge passed.  However, I came across a guide to male multiple ******* - see - and have been able to train myself to ********* a reasonable amount of ***** without actually climaxing, and without lossing either my erection or the desire to eat my "cream pie".  Fortunalety my wife is very sexual and I have been able to eat my come from her *****, **** and face, and it's a huge turn on for us both.

I also love to partially come inside her and then keep *******, the silky feeling is incredible.  I love to get my wife to rub her fingers on my shaft them feed me our combined juices off her fingers. Very hot.

So this might be worth looking into for those who want to but lose interset as soon as they come.

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4 Responses Feb 23, 2008

You can save you juice too. Just freeze it. I use a shot class and then the next time I am in the mood, I just heat up some water in a shallow pan, warm up the **** and start fantasizing. You are right that before you ***, it is no problem licking it up and swirling it around and then swallowing.

It took me several times before I could do it, it took her by surprise. So much so she asked me to do it the next night. I loved it, something about sharing all the juices is very erotic!

Think you just need to *** and immediately go for it. First time I did with my wife she asked after I had eaten the ******** if we tasted good together. (That's the key, the sweet/sour mixture of *** and ***** juice.) I didn't verbally answer, but crawled up and gave her a wet French kiss armed with a lot of cream. I don't think she was quite ready for that.

I had to work myself up to it. One thing that helped was to be excited enough that I was leaking out precum on her body, which I would then lick off while I was still hard and excited. That got me ready to lick more. When I then came in her I just had in mind that I'd be licking more of my *** like before and then I went down on her. It's not as good as being excited when doing it, but it was a start.