ok so I have a issue that I cant seem to fix. I know this sounds very weird but I get these cravings that I need to lick a woman in between their legs until they are satisfied. Now I know there is nothing wrong with oral, but I get these cravings every month. And I can never get enough to contain it. Either there is noone to eat or just not enough.. Actually oddly enough I dont know alot of woman that like that. But now im stuck with this craving and nobody to help with my desires. Its a bit of a drag...but whoever is eating out a woman.. eat on my friends. and any woman who love to be eatin out you guys rock..
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2 Responses Aug 7, 2010

Yes very true but also pleasing a woman passionately is so erotic. Pleasing a woman is amazing

If you both like to be pleasurers...that is one hot night for you both...question is...who gets to be on top first.....

You know i would have to he greedy and be on top first

Well as long as you allow the woman to reciprocate that can be a very hot thing....