Counting Calories Sucks!

It's almost 8pm on a Wednesday night... what am I doing? Sitting here reading the grocery store ads and looking at all the food on sale that I can't/shouldn't buy.

I'm pissed

Ice cream is on sale, so are chips, soda, bakery treats, butter and prepared frozen foods like mozzarella sticks, pizza and stuffed mushrooms. Meat is on sale - like racks of ribs, chicken wings and chuck roasts, pretty much every single kind of meat except for 90% ground beef, pork loin and boneless chicken breast (which are pretty much the only 3 things I buy anymore) Canned pasta is on sale, Hamburger Helper is on sale, Frozen dinners are on sale, kids sweetened cereals are on sale, even Hostess snack cakes are on sale!! Those little yogurts that come with the mix in candies on top?? Yep - on sale too. OK, I think russet potatoes were on sale too- but that was about the only thing remotely healthy.

They also have a hot bar where pretzel sandwiches and creamed soups and prepared any-flavor-sauce-you-want-chicken-wings are on sale!

Why does it seem like the rest of the world can just eat whatever they want and I can't. Why is it that all of these things I am not supposed to be eating are what is always on sale? The only freakin' week of the year that anything healthy is on sale is New Years week because the whole world is on a diet and the stores know it!  Shoot!  I'm not really even on a diet!  I'm just trying to stay the same and not GAIN weight!!!

I'm just annoyed right now. It is really bothering me a lot tonight (and lately) that I know for the rest of my life I'm going to have to watch every single morsel of food that enters my mouth or I will get fat again. I know I'm not the ONLY one who has to live like this but it sure does feel like it sometimes.

Life is not fair. I want to eat what I want to eat when I want to eat it and go to bed happy and not worrying about getting fat. This will never happen for me and it's bugging the crap out of me right now. Yea - I know, I said that already

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I feel the same way about cigarettes, "what do you mean they'll kill you, but they taste so good"

Ugh - I wrote this over 2 years ago and I still feel exactly the same.<br />
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Increase my metabolism?? I WISH I KNEW HOW!<br />
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Hello Creamsicle,<br />
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I know exactly how you feel. And I am certain my wife feels your pain also. I love her to death. It is sometimes depressing how hard she is on herself about the weight she has gained. She relies mainly on her stairstepper for exercise, as if running around after a 4 year old isn't exercise enough.<br />
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I myself am starting to find it hard to keep the muffin top from growing. I have pretty much relied on weight lifting most of my life. When I was growing up and got into weightlifting, there were always guys around that talked about how they dieted to get leaner and bigger. I always responded that I don't eat for my lifting, I lift so that I can eat. I don't do cardio, not that I'm against it, it's just that after pumping iron for more than an hour, I don't have the stamina to do cardio. When my wife and I started dating about 9 years ago, I decided to train twice a day... cardio in the morning, and weights in the evening. Of course, I was single and had the time to devote to that. I had also heard that eating 6 meals a day was better than eating 3 bigger meals each day. So I didn't go to 6, but I did go to 4 or 5. After a couple of weeks, I started to actually see the development of a 6 pack. That was the last time I trained that hard and consistently.<br />
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I grew up a big eater, of Northern Italian, and Spanish descent. With that heritage, you can imagine all of the excellent food I ate. And I ate until it hurt. I, like you, love food. If you can find a way to get your matabolism running faster, you will be able to eat more of what you like. Now, I'm not saying become a long distance runner, but my friend in FL runs long distance. And I watch him pound Big Macs, and junk food galore.<br />
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Don't let it depress you. It is possible to eat the foods you like, and not gain. You just need to figure out how to increase your matabolism.

Lol, I work at a grocery store, so I know what you're talking about with the temptation and all. The big killers for me are the 2 for $3 deli chicken sandwiches (and they're good) and the low-priced soda machines, as I can easily find myself drinking 3 or 4 cans of soda during a shift if I don't watch it. Failing that, there's a cheap, tasty fast food place across the parking lot. As far as the "sale" stuff goes, barring rare occasions, most of the time it's merely a reduction of a jacked-up price. Soda, for example, is always on sale because it's a ripoff otherwise, and we've had milk on sale for a month. Eating healthy can be done cheaply, but it requires much more effort in preparation, and there's no real temptation about something healthy compared to something that can be cooked quickly or instantly and will be "tasty" every time.

That's so American. They want you to buy a gym membership or diet program and then eat the worst foods for you because they know you can't afford to pay full price. Well its not really on sale anyway since they've already jacked up the price, so your not paying the full jacked up price when you buy it on sale. Anyhow I know the cheapest foods are usually the least healthy and the best most nutritious foods the the most expensive. If they put those 'on sale' they'll take like 20¢ off the jacked up price and that's it. Then its only every once in a while when they have too much inventory. <br />
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How I get around all that unhealthy cheap stuff and still not spend an arm and a leg is buy frozen, especially in the summer when fresh fruits and vegies are plentiful. Canned goods are sale a lot in the summer because no one buys it and they don't want their inventory to go bad. Make sure the date is at least till next summer, then you have plenty for now and thru the winter. Now that doesn't work with everything, though every little bit helps. <br />
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I know what you mean though, its annoying that its that way. I wish I could eat whatever I wanted and not exercise. 2+ hours a day exercise doesn't allow me to eat whatever I want, it just helps me retain my current weight and not gain. Great story, thanks for sharing!

LOL<br />
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I love when I get comments on stories I wrote awhile ago.... <br />
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I did end up gaining a few pounds back in 2009. Ended up back on a diet in 2010, and am back to where I should be again (still trying not to gain it AGAIN) Took 6 months to lose 15 pounds this time, it certainly aint fun or easy!<br />
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I'd forgotten about this story. It's the 4th of July today and those feelings I wrote about are still so true!!<br />
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Thanks Ellipticalman, for bringing this back for me to read again.<br />

Hi Creamsicle,<br />
Maybe it is too late to have a comment on your story, but I like to share with you a story I wrote yesterday to one of the EP members.<br />
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The Ayurvedic healing cuisine, may be a solution for you<br />
<br />
All people have a unique body constitution (called dosha) these can be divided in three groups; Kapha, Vata and Pitta. <br />
To determine your own dosha, there are several ways to find out. <br />
It is very important to find out your own dosha. I give you an example.<br />
<br />
We all know that specific person, who can eat anything, drink coffee, eat ice cream, but doesn't seem to get thick. He or she keeps being slim and happy and we also know all these desperate people, who drink a glass of water and their weight rises immediately.<br />
And there we get to the basis of Ayurveda. There are bodies that burns the food very fast. They have a high "agni", digestion fire. And there a bodies, that have a very low "agni" , which means that the food that one takes, will stay in his body very long and every component is digested and added to the body. And there are the people that are in between, more or less, <br />
So if you are a Kapha, low burner, you add those spices to your food that rises the "agni" and if you are a “Pita” having high "agni" you do it the other way around.<br />
<br />
I am a Kapha myself, and knowing that, I found out that specific food of which I thought would be healthy, aren’t healthy at all (for me). So for instance I used to drink every morning fresh orange juice, not good for me, eating red meat, not good for me. Instead Ayurveda adviced me to decrease the amount of meat and advised, if I want to eat meat, to stick with meat that has been working hard when it was alive. So if I eat chicken, just the chicken legs and wings, but not the nice piece of chicken fillet.<br />
<br />
I hope you can understand this explanation and maybe I triggered you to find out more about Ayurveda for yourself.<br />
There are many books about Ayurveda, I suggest Ayurvedic Cooking for Westerners by Amadea Morningstar. It includes a questionnaire, with which you can find out your own dosha.

I'm with ya there and feel for you cause I've been fighting that sort of fight forever.

I exercise plenty... usually at least 3 good days of cardio per week (12 mile bike ride, 4 mile jog, 45 minutes on elliptical) and I also do calisthenics and use our weight bench on other odd days. I have to fight constantly NOT to gain weight!

Of course you are right but you did hit upon the key point. You are not a binge eater. Many overweight people are and it is very easy to consume more calories than can be worked off even with strenuous exercise. Controlling binge eating can be a huge struggle. I just barely have it under control. It's a constant battle. I did go on a vacation last year to Texas where there was food galore and I did indulge. I also didn't gain an ounce but only because I worked out twice a day every day. This wouldn't be an option in most people's schedule. Exercise is invaluable but most nutritionists agree that diet is 2/3 to 3/4 of the battle. More myself, it is definitely so.

I can't argue that there are exceptions to every rule. I can say that I've worked out 3-5 times a week all my adult life, for my health, and always had to watch my intake very carefully.<br />
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Barring diseases and disorders that effect weight, reputable physicians, nutritionists and trainers (those that aren't selling books, anyway) will always reply to the question "how do you lose weight" with the answer "burn more calories than you consume" - the nature of the calories, the time they're consumed...all that means nothing, it's a simple equation of a fuel vs. energy expended. And muscle burns calories faster, which is a significant factor in my case, anyway. My workout schedule has built a lot of muscle and that is one major difference between my former and current efforts.<br />
<br />
However, I've never been a binge eater (I would have been morbidly obese, without question, if I had been). And as I said, there are factors - diseases, disorders, medications - that alter the simple equation significantly. So while I concede your point, I still assert that for most people, if you burn the calories you consume you will not gain weight.

That is only true for certain people DC. For most people diet is the bigger factor. I work out hard 4 or 5 days a week. I still can't eat whatever I want. I can indulge a bit but still have to be careful. When it come to weight control everyone truly is unique.

Actually, I think if you exercise enough you really can eat whatever you want. On my Moms side of the family, virtually everyone is at least moderately overweight. But I am not, because I exercise between 90-120 minutes a day...I'm also 43 so my metabolism has slowed. And all my life I've had to watch every calorie.<br />
<br />
I started exercising like that to fight off crippling depression...really does work for that...I never thought I'd be able to eat literally anything I want and not gain an ounce. But I can.<br />
<br />
So the question is, if you love to eat like I do, is it worth it to spend so much time and so many resources getting enough exercise to give you that freedom. For most people, I'd say it's not. And if I had embarked on this exercise program with the motivation of just being able to freely eat, I'd not have come this far, I know it. <br />
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So. I understand your frustration, but there are options if youre the sort of person who find eating one of the true joys in the world.

OMG you are so right. Life in this way is so not fair. I have an uncle who cooks his bacon in butter and doesn't gain an ounce :(<br />
I have to watch everything I eat.