I Need Cream Pie

I'm writing this after having revealed to my wife that I want to suck her lovers *** from her freshly ****** *****. This fantasy has been developing over the last 3 years. but has only been a powerful drive since my wife started an affair with a freind of hers and was comfortable enough to ride him bareback. It was during our many discussions and remarks(that can sometimes be more of a turn-on) that I came to realise that this would be a step further into our submittal to this lifestyle. The first physical encounter that my wife and her current lover had resulted in her giving him a bj on our couch. some of his *** shot out before she got his **** back in her mouth, so that the first ********* landed on his chest. After making sure that she had sucked him dry she then licked the rest off of his *** from his body. She said that she liked the taste of his ***. This is I suppose the point at which I really started to play with the idea in my head as to what it would be like (humiliating, subservient, nasty etc etc). Iv'e now mentioned it to my wonderful wife who surprised me by saying that she thought it was a turn-on as-well. She even took the idea a little further by saying that she would like me to share the *** with her.

Life is good


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but must admit sucking his **** and getting his *** first hand is much better. No man can last long when I suck him, he usually **** in a matter of seconds I'm that good in sucking a ****!

Sharing your wifes lovers ***, wow love it and have done it!

Hey britnude, *** teach me.<br />
LOL<br />

Dear frank1A, I want to talk with you........<br />
Really lets chat<br />
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you are so lucky! my wife and my best friend was haveing sex and after I found out I let her know it was a turn on for me and I would love to eat a fresh ********! we did we had a ********* and as soon as he pulled out I went down on her now be carefull because we have went even futher and I have licked him and I have even joined in with her in giveing him BJ and just as he unloded she put it into my mouth! we have been doing this for around six years now and I realy dont know who enjoys it more altho they do go out to be alone but I get to eat ******** when she gets home and as for me I love every drop of it

mmmmm now thats my kind of wife, sharing her lovers *** with me.