The First Time

Hi folks, sorry it’s taken me so long to complete this amazing story of our experience.  The previous 4 episodes can be found in ‘I Cuckold Husband’.


So, for those of you just joining us, G my wife had just come upstairs to join me in bed having spent that later part of the evening in the lounge with D a work colleague, both of them having been out for a drink and a bite to eat as I was supposedly working late.  I had felt tired from ‘long hours’ work, so left them to it as I retired early to bed.


I didn’t say anything, WE didn’t say anything, I hugged her tightly, reassuringly, not wanting to let her go, letting her know she was still my wife, I felt something on my shoulder, moving looking at her face, she was crying, looking nervous now, perhaps frightened, vulnerable, poor sole, I hugged even more tightly, almost squeezing her last breath from her.


My rock hard aroused **** starting to soften taken by the moment where lust was being very quickly replaced by love and care that G so badly wanted and I needed to give her.  Gently kissing her again, moving her hair off her face, gone were my initial urges to ask questions, feel her flesh, bum, ****, nipples, inner thighs and *****, she just wanted to be held ‘safe’.


Eventually we, she calmed down the tears stopped, her breathing slow and regular, as if not wanting to let go, with both got into bed and ‘cuddled in’ just like we always did.  There was no way I could drift off to sleep G needed me, but not bombarding her with questions. Did you do this?  Did you do that?   Of course G knew I wanted to know, all I could do is wait she would tell me in her own time.  But for me it just had to be tonight, tomorrow morning would be too late.  PLEASE!


Inevitably I suppose by instinct my hands started to wander over G’s flesh, gently caressing and squeezing.  After what seemed like an eternity G started to respond subtly adjusting her position, just so I had fresh areas to explore, but not enough to make it appear obvious she was doing it (women!).  We were kissing, getting more passionate and intense (if that’s the word!).  I think G was giving me payback, as in it was my turn for her ‘favours’, eventually rolling onto her back, giving me free access to all her body, the dim night light giving her a nice glow, she reached for my hardening ****, yanking it, god it felt good. I continued caressing, mauling her ****, her nipples hard and no doubt enjoying more attention, sliding my hand down her soft fleshy tummy, instinctively opening her legs, and looking me straight in the eyes, waiting willing me to probe her *****, who was I to refuse.  “Is this what you really want?”  She asked not leaving my gaze as I found a very juicy, slimy *****.


I thought my **** would explode on its own, Christ!   Oh Jesus, it HAD really, really happened.  I was now on auto pilot, in a trance, being naturally drawn to G’s spread thighs moving swiftly down the bed, instantly burying my face into her *****, G attempting to dislocate her legs in order to get me whole head up her *****, grabbing the back of my head, forcing me in, stopping me from pulling back even if I wanted too.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  it was so so good.


“Yes, yes, yes, oooooooh go on do it, do it”  G cried grinding herself down on my nose rubbing her pubic bone up and down, careful, my nose.  This was good, no brilliant, so horny, my wife had ****** another guy, I was eating the ******** and my wife wanted more, I wanted ‘it’.  G came like a train, breathing heavy, me almost drowning in juice.  It tasted good, it smelt good, it was good, I couldn’t get enough.  What is to be in love, what it is to have a wife who ***** around, heaven.


My face felt sticky, my eyelids too, as if they would stick shut at anytime. It was G’s turn to take the lead, as I rolled out of position  over onto my back, my feet on the floor at the end of the bed, G moving down the bed kissing licking my love juice coated face, “Thank you darling”, her hand reaching down to grab my ****, wanking it slowly, ooooh God, easy now, gently.  I was not going to last long, I wanted to hear ALL what she’d done with D earlier, but it was not to be.  I knew as soon as she started “Well D and I…..”  It was too much.  My ****, my self control destroyed, the volcano erupting *** firing off in all directions.  I don’t recall coming that hard I ages.


G gave her hand a token clean with her tongue licking up some of my ***, more as a gesture, I knew she didn’t like ‘swallowing’.  But I appreciated it all the same. “So you’ll have to wait another time” she said referring to telling me about her evening with D.  Not that I had to wait long. Nor for that matter was this just a one off.


Well there you go. My wish DID come true, and I, we have not looked back since. Please let me know your thoughts and comments. Do you want to know more about our experiences?  Have any questions?   Please get in  touch.

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3 Responses Feb 18, 2010

Damn you drew that fiction out a long time. Too Bad it wasn't true eh?

My wife also was first ****** by a guy from work. Apparently, this often starts this way.

Fan ******* in g tastic, Oh how I want to have 'sticky' eyelids<br />
Thanks for the ere c tio n