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She Is Just To Hot!!

My DinLaw has long long legs. great small breasts and auburn hair..Every time I see her I just want to bury my face in her ohh soo sexy
crotch..I sometimes think she knows the effect she has on me, but I am afraid to do anything but fantasize..
fellinus fellinus 61-65, M 6 Responses Nov 5, 2010

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Hello,sir.Your daughter -in-law sounds very pretty with the long legs and auburn hair.

Been there!<br />
Just lust on my part though!

start with her feet

I love your post. Wait till she sleeps? or do you try accidentally wearing short boxers and let the tip slip out and pretnd not to notice but watch and see what she does?

She sounds so delicious! Maybe?

I love turning on older men :) It is fun to give them little peaks of my cleavage. I love when they give me a second look - it does make my day.<br />
<br />
ty for sharing your story :)