Almost Immobile

I am almost immobile. I spend all day eating tons of food. I can get up and walk the few steps to the bathroom but thats about it. I eat a lot of sweets. Fried meats are also good. Today I have mostly eaten a ton of cake, 5 dozen doughnuts, four meals of pasta takeout from a restaurant, 5 waffles, a bucket of fried chicken and a ton of icecream. My belly is extremely heavy.
jigglingthefatbelly jigglingthefatbelly
18-21, F
16 Responses Apr 18, 2012

You fat cow you died

he he is that just a light snack? I hope there are more wemon out there like you ^////^

You look and sound gorgeous hon , keep gorging !

is never too heavy and full ;)

Do you have a feeder, or do you stuff yourself?

my dream princess to feed :)

Need a belly rub, sweetie? :-)

a paradise to see that for a man same to me :)

Nothing quite like a good meal. ;) So, what's it like to carry all that beautiful weight?

What is your current weight? Do you have a weight goal?

I have been cooking for a girl who has gone from 125 to 267. But I fattened myself eating constantly and enjoying my girly cocktails and Craft Beers, I went from 162 to almost 350. I lost some Mobility and have to use a Scooter Chair to shop and go around. Looking for a girl feeder soon to help us fatten up

What a wonderful fatty appetite you have! I want to be able to eat like that!


Good for you and we all like to binge the carbs every now and then!!! I'll just take a seat here in A&E and wave at you as you sail by...soon!!!!

you never eat too much and becoming never too fat in my eyes

Sounds like you are living a fat girls dream. :)