Where Is the Love ...

Where is the love ...

I still wonder ..

I am loved and I love someone but that's not what I mean

We are all human beings but why there are still War & Killing

Because of Human's Lust to be Rich and Powerful ..

We have no idea how solitary this world is ...

Since we have been blinded from the frame in our minds ...

If we dont love each others .. Who's gonna love us ...

I wish this world is filled of love ...

& I have dedicated myself for that ...

To make this world more beautiful and lively ...

DollyDiva DollyDiva
26-30, F
12 Responses Mar 2, 2009

I absolutely understand and able to differentiate between sex and love ..<br />
<br />

lol..there is no love because you have filled the world with so much thoughts of sex and physical love....love is not just physical relationships..it is a part of love

exactly .. just a little smile can make this world so beautiful ...

I completely agree. I often wonder how people can be so indifferent and so uncaring. Spreading love, even in little ways, can make such a big difference and is a great way to brighten this world

I had tried my best sister ! She closed her heart and didn't approve to let me in ToT ... <br />
I dont know how to do, so, I had to let her go !<br />
What comes around goes around ;0 !

Ms Diva Sis That is awesome dedication , first find the peace in your self ,than bring it to others ..moment in your heart is extraordinary thing lov and feel the depth , delight and discover from that your our world is transformed ,,<br />
Lov Ms Diva

I hope she could be our friends soon,<br />
If she let me in !

hey,leave Cherry Dolly alone!don't arouse me,she is my friend!

I'm not considered anyone stranger ;)<br />
We are all human being that's what I believe,<br />
What would you get from being narrow-minded ?<br />
I dont understand! and one more thing, I'd love to tell you that your friend's death is very sad but it's not only you who have to face such situation, what about others ? what about me ? have you ever tried your feet in other shoes ? my ex killed himself when i was 14, 2 years later, my best friend killed himself bc he couldn't take depression, and many more even me myself, had tried many times, fortunately, it was not my time to die yet, so i was helped ! and again, write me anytime ...

Brighten your eyes none of that are real ;)<br />
If you couldn't i would,<br />
open yr heart & let me in,<br />
i dont know if my words contrasts in what u believe<br />
but as i said, if u wanna try a chalenge, write me anytime ;)

Yayy > < ~<br />
<br />
friends of ideology ! <br />
You are cute & kewl ~

waw...you inspired me...such a beautiful thought....yay i like it!*hugs