It Takes Up About 85% Right Now:)

People have told me I am a softie, that I sometimes accept negative things when I shouldn't be 'allowing' them  or it to happen /go on, and that I am too open with people. Well, I CAN be some of those things, yes. Sometimes I wish I had more tenacity! ferociousness! some In-Your-Faceness!

Those things are something ANYone can access or channel, but it comes in an extremely rare dynamic with me. SO, right now I'd like to embrace my mushy, softie side, and know that that is ok too. That I might not be those outrageously staunch adjectives, but, I can access it when NEED be, and right now am happy to unveil the mushy side I am feeling...which most of the time is about 85% of me anyway..

I am being mushy here with thanking my ep friends who listen to me, who talk and chat with me, and who seem to care sometimes more than others...(you know who you are...I only have a close couple right now..) =)  I am SORRY if this was too mushy....There it is agaiiiiinnnnn...Mushy Gushyyy ...GRRRRRRR (that was me being tenacious..the grrr...LOL )But ...I could go on and on in this story of many many things I'm mushy over (babies, animals, baby animals, a sappy movie, etc etc etc....) but just wanted to share my mushy/softie side with my ep friends who make my day and make me smile......thank YOU *runs to hug*
Velvetlacedream Velvetlacedream
31-35, F
May 22, 2012