My Wife's 1st Time?

Last October, I was transferring from the East coast to the West Coast for my job. My wife and I had already arranged for movers to come take all our household things, and we moved into a long term hotel suite while we awaited paperwork to go through for our transition. We ended up being their for a couple of months.

While staying their, I was still working and my wife was mostly couped up in the room while I was away. She ended up making friends with other women staying their long term for similar reasons as us. They would gather in the lobby and talk. It kept them all occupied. After a couple of weeks this black gentlemen checked in. Right away he noticed all the ladies hanging out in the lobby. After checking in and settling into his room, we came back down and introduced himself and began talking with the ladies.

When I got off work and arrived at the hotel, I saw him among the ladies and my wife chatting and laughing easily. I walked over to my wife and politely introduced myself. Throughout the week he became a regular member in the lobby with the ladies. He seemed like a nice guy, and all the ladies were taken in with him. One night coming in I noticed him sitting on the lobby couch next to my wife, with his arm draped around behind her on the couch and him leaning closely towards her.

Usually my wife would come up stairs with me when I got there, but now she began telling me that I can go upstairs to the room and she will meet me up there later. I didn't think nothing about it. She was just being social and friendly. One night after coming into the room, she casually remarked about her day with the ladies and the black guy, then almost as an afterthought, she mentioned that the black guy had invited her to his room. She had declined his offer.

The following evening I returned to the hotel around 6pm. The black guy was sitting in the lobby by himself. He asked me where my wife was, and I responded that I assumed she was in our room. He then asked if I could ask her to come down. I said sure. I went upstairs and my wife was watching TV. I told her that the black guy was wanting to see if she could come down. She jumped up and began getting ready, mentioning that she had been down there earlier but she didn't see him around. A few minutes later she kissed me and told me she would be back later and she practically flew out the door.

Around 10pm, she still hadn't come back yet, so I went downstairs to find her. Only two ladies were down there. My wife and the black dude were nowhere to be found. I asked the ladies if the had seen my wife. They shrugged, saying that they had left about an hour ago to go for a walk. I went back upstairs, a little concerned. I waited up for her, but eventually feel asleep watching TV. I heard her come into the room. It was 1:30am. I pretended to be asleep. She went to the bathroom, and was in there for awhile before coming to bed.

From that point on, my wife seemed to hang out quite a bit with the black guy, in the lobby, but there was also many more times that I didn't know where they were at. When I asked the ladies downstairs, they just smiled and said they didn't know. I noticed a change in my wife. She seemed like she was on top of the world, happy and quite pleased.

I asked my wife about her hanging around him alot, but she responded in an offhand sort of way, saying that he was just a nice guy to hang out with and that there was nothing for me to worry about. The last week he was there, they were nearly inseperable. I came home one night. My wife wasn't around but she had left me a note, saying that he had invited her out to dinner. Around 8pm, I went down to the fron desk and asked what room he was in. I went to his door and listened in. I could hear him and my wife talking. That reassured me, so I went back upstairs. Around 11pm I went back down there and passed by the door. This time, there was no mistaking what they were doing in there. I could hear the headboard banging against the wall and her moaning quite loudly. I listened for a good 30 minutes, broken only by when somebody else was coming down the hall, I pretended that I was randomly walking down the hall.

I eventually caught the end, with him groaning and grunting amidst her scream. I was kinda jealous but turned on all the same. I went back upstairs, but she didn't come in until past 3am. I woke up and she apologized for being out so late. By this time I reconcilled my feelings toward this, and decided to to begrudge her having a good time. After all, if she was happy, then that made me happy. I told her that I was glad she had a good time, and I told her that I heard her in the room with him. At first she got defensive, but I calmed her, telling her that I was ok with it. We kissed and she thanked me for understanding.

She hasn't done anything like that since, but it was only 7 months ago, and I am holding out hope that she will soon again take another black lover. White husbands should definitely consider allowing their wives to have a black lover. It definitely put the spark back into our love life, and it definitely changed my wife for the better.
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C hasn't had the opportunity for her first black yet. But we have talked about it, in a teasing sort of way. She has not once said "no", so it might happen in the future. Of course, it would be on her terms, with the right guy. Keeping my fingers crossed.

me and my wife have been talking about her taking a black lover and i want to clean both of them after they have had sex

Couldn't agree more.

hmmm.. very arousing. I wish my wife would go for it but she is too conservative. Any black dudes want to help me out?

i think white wives would be happy if they had a black man to give her what she needs an deserve,i wish would find a black man to service her while im out of town working but she is not willing to do that as far as i know

I would love to speak with you

My wife has been with 4 black men now and she loves it. She had a regular one for almost 2 years but it's over now since he has a girlfriend. It's only a matter of time before she finds another one. This time she wants 11 inches or bigger. Two have been a thick 10 so she wants to try bigger.

Nice story! I'm glad you gave her the time to experience it the first time. There is probably no bigger sexual event for a girl than the first time with a black guy. I think it's very telling that you had to know at some level that being invited to a guys room (of any race) is an offer of sex, yet when he is in the lobby waiting for your wife to meet him, most likely for sex, and tells you to tell her to come down you do as he asks and send her on her way. Most guys in that spot would be fighting at being commanded like that. It seems not only the wife has fallen under the spell :-) Very nice!

I would also like my wife to service black dudes and become their property so they can breed her with a black baby.

Dany have you met anyone to service your wife

Why does he have to be black? Is there something that he has that the rest of us don't?

Now that she knows you're OK with it, she can relax and enjoy sex much more. She may want you to join them.

I'm sure she will need a black **** again. Its good that you encouraged her.

It is most definitely becoming more and more popular among married white couples everywhere. And the white wives that are going for it are much more content sexually and in general. They seem happier and in good moods more times than not, especially after being black sexed.<br />
<br />
All the white females that have had black or plan to have my full respect and support.

LOVED the story and the comments after. Thanks for sharing and replying!!!

Sounds like you've come to a great understanding of the pleasures of having a happy wife. It seems pretty logical that the benefits of having the right blackman around to pleasure your wife is the best thing for your marriage. I wish you the best. Oh and BTW, it might help you fulfill your desires along if you encourage your put her in an encouraging situation.

were you jealous at all ? sounds like she is the boss in the family and you seem to be a very easy going nice person.

too bad they did not let you in to watch her having sex with him that would have been so hot . maybe she could have offered you a cream pie.

It was heart breaking for me when I first found out about my wife, did you feel the same too?

I see a black man once or twice a week...I've been with him twice a week for the past month. My husband and I had much discussion after the first time I was with the black man and decided to allow me some leeway. Since then he has come to strongly support me being taken by the black man. Our marriage has gotten much stronger and I treat my husband like a king, especially after I've spent an afternoon with my black lover.

Your wife must share the same feelings for you as i do my hubby. I appreciate him and just love taking care of him and our home.

U are a very understanding and loving husband, I hope one day you get to watch or participate in a black male, white female sexual encouter-it could blow your mind.