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My Rescued Puppy Is The Love Of My Life.

This past August I decided to adopt a shelter puppy instead of buying one from the pet store. I must say that it's been a little over a month and although he can be a lil bit of a pest, he is my new baby. I love this new tiny dog. he is so puny, so cute, and so full of life but what I noticed is out of this entire household he loves me the most. He goes bananas for me each time he sees me and he just wants me to kiss him. yes i kiss him, to me its as if he knows i am giving him my form of love. he lets me kiss his face and he will nip alot but never on my face, he will stop and lick me. I love him and i am so happy that he is mine and so smart too.
SexyBrooklyn SexyBrooklyn 36-40, F 1 Response Nov 23, 2010

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thats awesome to here... i personally dont like any animal that has more legs than i do..hahaha but i can get down with the small pooches... not the cats though they like to FREAKout for no reason and by the time you realize why they are freaking out you are scared up and boy does it burn... but n-e-ways my family and i found a dog who is sweet as pie and we named her Lucy.. she is my LU LU... very nice but q--how do you stop her from jumping on us with out here thinking we dont love her... Good job and enjoy your pet