They Have Nothing To Give But Love.

I am a dog lover although we have had many cat's also through the year's. I have never had a pure breed nor do I plan too. I have alway's loved the English Bulldog as they are so ugly that they are cute but would not think of paying thirteen hundred up for a puppy. Most of our dog's came from a shelter and were just plain mutt's, the best kind of dog there is. Our latest " mutt " is the most spoiled rotten thing there is and I would'nt take a million buck's for her. She has nothing but love to give and we return it five fold. I dont feel the need to brag that I have a pure bred that cost me such and such that has been so over bred with numorous health problem's bred into it and it die's long before it should. If your thinking of getting a dog or cat for that matter please take a walk through your local animal shelter first. Look into the face of the used and abused animal's they have and you will still mostly find one thing in those face's, Love. You are looking for a companion that will be your's and they are looking for a loving home to be part of. You will never regret your choice in a shelter animal and will get so much in return. All you have to do is look into their face and you will know when you look into the right one because it will go right to your heart.
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My wife and I like to take ride's on country road's and far too often see way back on sombody's property a small cage or a dog on a chain. Why even have one if they are forgotton except for feeding time and somtime's even then. There is nothing like a puppy or a kitten but people fail to realize that they wont stay that way and then they become a bother to them. A dog KNOW'S, they can sense who they can trust and your sheperd felt that in you. My wife said after we lost our last four legged daughter that there would be no more but I gave her some time to heal and started looking again. Death is a part of life and we knew that at some point we would loose our little loved one but we cant allow that to close our heart's to the many that still need a home and sombody to love and to be loved. I know that at some point we will face death with the spoiled mutt we have now but like all the rest she will alway's live on in my heart amd memorie's. My Best to you ma'am.

I have had dogs for 53 years and all of them have come from animal rescue centres. My last two have been German Shepherds, I was told that the last one was extremely aggressive and would take at least 6 months to settle. I took him for a walk, sand sat down and looking into his eyes, asked if he would like to come home with me, he put his paw in my hand and licked my face. I took that as a yes! When I got him home he settled down immediately on his bed, and I never had the slightest bit of trouble from him, He was always by my side and I was brokenhearted when he died, as I was with all of the others. Major was an ex-police dog, when he was retired his handler kept him, but when the handler died Major went on the run and ended up in the rescue centre, where there were so many dogs that had been abandoned or abused. Why do people have dogs if they are not prepared to treat them well and love them?

Thank You for reading and commenting Miss Owlie. With the economy what it is today pet's are being abandoned or dumped at shelter's at a staggering rate. They ask for so little but return so much. Our little dog is the life of our home just like our children except she has four leg's. She meet's us at the door without fail jumping up and down letting us know how much she missed even if we were only out on the porch and she listen's better the my children did too. : ) My Best to you ma'am.

I so so agree Robert. Adopt from a shelter. Save a beautiful animal. Consider a shelter that puts dogs down if they aren't adopted. I love no kill shelters but there isn't enough of them. Take a dog home & save it's life. Robert, I love mutts too. They are more healthy then a pure breed. Less training as they are very smart.Who couldn't love a furry face, cute mixed features and unique in every way ? Good post my Dear friend. I hope it encourages more people to stay away from pet stores & puppy mills.

Thank You for reading and commenting Miss Foolish. I love the bulldog but not at that price and beside's it could not replace our little Butterbutt. My Best.