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...but none of my cats are from shelters-all 3 were strays. I guess being a "stray" is more for cats than dogs. I suppose my house could be called a "cat house". I have 3, and have had 5 in this house before. Neighborhood cats come lurking around my house-this is why I never let my cats off my porch anymore. My beautiful black girl kitty (Gaia) used to get into many fights, and so now she has feline leukemia-a fatal disease (cats get feline leukemia from fights with other cats, or from being exposed to it from another cat). I firmly believe you should adopt your pets from shelters or rescues.
mistressmonique mistressmonique 46-50, F 2 Responses Jun 4, 2012

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I also have three. One I adopted from the pound (SPCA), one my daughter got from the pound, and the other one my daughter found at her school. It was spring break and the owner had just left the cat.
I live alone, and the cats help keep the place lively. Fun.

I also live alone, and I treat my cats like children.

We adopted our cat from the Humane Society. They do check your references by the way. It was an awesome experience, and an awesome cat.