Adopting And Rescue

It doesnt take much, go to the local shelter and pull an animal before they are put to sleep and share your home with them until you find them a home. Its rewarding and you save a life by just giving a perfectly fine animal just some more time. I do. Sometimes they let you take them for free if you tell them you are doing it to rescue them.

Offer to transport death row dogs to rescue, huge underground transport network of people shuffling death row animals around the united states to save their lives. A ride means the difference between life or death. I do it.

anastazia anastazia
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2 Responses Oct 23, 2009

Ive adopted three dogs from my local shelter and they are wonderful pets and members of the family !

Good for you seriously. Takes little effort and is very rewarding isnt it? I walk the dogs at the shelter here and spend time in the cat room letting them cuddle with me. I really dont like cats, but it means a lot to them!