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This mite hurt some of you to read this, but i thinks its time i told my life story.

Hello, my name is Sam, and i am a child abuse survivor, it started when i was three yrs old, and i was living with my mom at the time. She had a bf idk the difference then but i soon learned what it was to have a father and what it was to have a rent -a-dad. One day while my mom was out shopin, I was home alone while there he was there to watch me. I had asked for a glass of milk and accidently spelt it. He became furious with me, and took off his belt and began hitting me. Idk what was goin on. Well, he soon stoped but it didn't stop. One night he came home drunk as hell triped over my moms work shoes drug me outa bed and beat me again. Then i turned 4 and on my birthday i did something "wrong" and got another beating for it, i don't even remember what it was for i just remember getting hit. It got alot worse for me, but i think i've shared enough for today.
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