Lost My Truly Love

It's all about my true love of ex girlfriend, we've been together for 2 1/2years on April 1, 2010 - July 4, 2012 she's awesome person ever but unfortunately when she does really mad turns to judgement and negatives about some people, thats i doesnt like it and very laidback down earth dont judges on you just be freedom who you are. I know she is really hard head and very gifted a girl ever I met.

So um, i actually sees someone a girl that I really interests in her but I doesn't want it, I let my ex girl goes off just because my health reasons and next a girl again **** that. 😣😖

My first true love relationship when we were in high school. Type time, I was freshmen and she's senior, our loves were amazing. we had a lot as hell as together she beens there for me and help me out a lot it's really a lot I mean it. She supports me for everything also offically my school so improvised makes me happy more. Her family, they are freaking so amazing to haves them also my ex girl got two dogs, they are like my parts of babies dog... I can't lives without all of them, I really needs them so badly hard times for me. I admits I do tears down often whenever i thinking about them I know it's really griefs more and gives hard time on myself to focus.

I am really disappoints in myself whole the time to let her go off because I actually haves bad healthy issues and doesn't want to see her to be suffers or stuck with that situation issues its doesn't deserving for her to be have like this throughout to hurts her more. I dont ever want to see this happens worst if we still together. Of course i wish that i havent anything of bad health issues for sure ill never let her go peroid. But no i want to see the best for her because she got awesome family and for herself in futures. I got looks bad myself in school that I dropped my school twice times just because my health reasons also another too many to explains about bad issues... It's being hard time on myself to let her going away from my minds but actually I can't.

Yeah its hard for me to seeing she got new a guy and even broken her virginal too.. It's really broken my heart for let this happened to myself. But I has to, its unnecessary to let her involving through with my bad parts life times.

Well I know must be really sucks though.. My heart and everything are really loves her family and babies dogs to death.

I always wanted to ready go up with my dad in heaven to be peaceful life no more suffers with my bad health issues that I don't deserving it too.
Korj Korj
18-21, F
Sep 16, 2012