End World Hunger

End world hunger,
Would be nice,
I'd love to,
Trouble is,
Problem's so large,
Take more than one,
To deal with it!
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1 Response May 25, 2012

<p>It is true that it does take more than one person to end world hunger. As such, I recommend petition drives. Google "Let the irrigation water flow petition" for an instructive example. </p><p>Throughout the world, much otherwise arable farmland is unused or underused for food production due to lack of water. Often, there is a technological solution to this lack of water, namely, irrigation. As such, irrigation petitions will let political leaders know both about the will of the people to have more food and about a technological means to put in place greater food production. </p><p>For example, an improved irrigation infrastructure in the USA could easily improve food production sufficiently to feed 200 million more people. Currently in 2013, more than 900 million people suffer from hunger worldwide. Other countries can use improvements to their irrigation infrastructure as well. Politicians around the world seem not to react to the global warming desertification crisis without the use of petitions. Now in 2013 is the best time for such petition drive in your country, not in some future year when BBC television shows pictures of your country as the latest foolish victim of climate change drought.</p>