This Is My Idea,

We need to do something different people. Don't you get tired of the same things. What would you consider to be fun or adventurous, traveling, writing things, getting to know others? I am curious. Please tell me. I would like to meet some online friends that I could talk to from different walks of life. I am curious to know about others. I am kind of a loner, I like to talk though. I consider myself to be helpful to others, I like to help them when they need advice about something. I try to help them. That is my idea of fun. I also want to travel one day. That is something that might lead me to meet others. There are so many things in life to learn about. I also want to get outside more. I don't think that I get outside enough. I have developed a severe depression, but now I still want to get out despite that. I want to meet others and get better. I have been somewhat better. It takes a while, but I really think we all need a change of scene. Tell me what some of you think?
pearls37 pearls37
22-25, F
Nov 30, 2012