Should I Try Something

I am a simple girl, born in a well to do family. I got a lot of love from family members , being the smallest kid. I look good so in school time their were few boys who liked me . but i respect my culture a lot so i didnt even done friendship with them. Even till now i have never been in a relationship, now i am 23 and i still dont gel much with boys in that way. I even chat much less than any of my friends on FB . I dont drink , i havent done anything wrong in my life till now. But now i feel i want to enjoy my life to the fullest. Do everything i havent done , enjoy every bit of life...
but hey i am too good and too consious about my image. I dont wanna get hurt. The boys of this generation are not like me, i feel i am born in a much modern century, where i feel old.
Now there is a guy who msgd me once i just met him twice in a post grad college selection process, i replied him and now we are chatting for a few days . right now he is just a friend but
i still feel the same thing , if i chat much what wil he think what kind of guy he is? He asked me twice to call me but i denied i donno why , i dont want things to go too fast or maybe i want but just afraid of any wrong consequences. He may too feel that i am a easy getting girl as i am chatting with him for 2- 3 hrs everyday now for a few days.
what should i do , i am in a fix , pls advice....
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2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

if u like him so you can esaly can do what you like to do in your life.. just enjoy your life via all ways u can.. well jus respect ur famly nd frnds and never make any relation without tell them and which can hurt them.. hv a hpy nd hooootttttt lifeeeeeeeee.... smile plzzzzzzzz


Just let go. Be yourself, don't worry about your image or what people will think of you, or anything. just follow your heart, block out everyones judgements, and let yourself be happy (:

Thanks so much :)