It's a rainy day, the sky is filled with dark clouds and it's very gloomy and dull...I won't allow my heart to react to the darkness that invades the skies nor the gloom. They say that our moods reflect our surroundings that stress is prevalent because of the existence of pain, sorrow or heartache..I have lived with all three of those particular emotions in my life...Dealt with them and expelled them all, from my mind, heart and soul. To hold onto those particular thoughts can bring us down to the lowest ebb and there is no place for those in my life...I refuse to give into anymore pain..never...I won't allow it to ever invade my space or territory again..

We don't need to carry that excess baggage to latch and hold onto to us each and every day...I am an optimist, I try and surround myself with positive energy and to those people who represent that in my life as well. We have to face that fact that we live in an imperfect world, with imperfect people with flaws, problems and all sorts of unappealing issues...I cannot tell you how to feel, I will never tell you how to run your life...I can only offer a simple answer or solution to your particular problem(s) or give you advice if you ask me to.

I once lived in a very dark place , albeit only briefly, that wanted to bind my spirit and soul and keep me there permanently...I wouldn't allow that darkness to permeate my heart nor to keep me in chains...I was released because I would not bow down to the horrendous pain that enveloped me...I was not meant to be in darkness...only the light...because of my free spirit and the charismatic person that I am...Freedom exists in that beautiful aura of brilliance, sunshine and euphoria only happen to the positive reflection of our lives...not always but it happens.

I will never bow down to the darkness again, nor will I allow it to invade my spirit, nor my heart...I live for the see the beauty of this world that exists in an explosion of color and sublime beauty...When our eyes are opened we truly try to see what lies ahead and know that there is a certain something, someone out there just waiting for our present day or future..

When that special someone offers you a chance at happiness...take hold and cherish that person or opportunity...Allow them to envelop you with their love, embrace you with all that they have to give or wish to give you...I am not taking about riches, or wealth...Simply the heart that beats with emotion and understanding, infinitely filled with that precious something that will give you the full meaning of what life negative darkness...infinite wisdom and the knowledge that they are sincere, desire, want and need you in their life...or to offer you something of substance..perhaps some happiness....They aren't looking to simply fulfill their own needs but yours as well as they are thinking about you and your future as well as their own..
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beautifully written with heartfelt emotions.....filled with intensity and truth. Find that someone, whomever or wherever they are, and fulfill your deserve everything you desire.