Looking For Fun

  Have you try being quite,speechless and no one to talk?have you try being by yourself? please don't try ,it makes you feel so wierd inside.

  I am by myself for longtime now, all I have felt is loneliness. Evrytime I see things I always remember my past around my friends. I used to have lots of friends but all of a sudden we got separated. I left them and i was lonely now. I dont know how to start having a new friends ,I forgot already how we become one. I'm afraid to try maybe they don't like me or i dont like them. I visited few chatting sites just to talk but nobody is interested on me. 

  I noticed that  I had develope a bad temper, I often did day dreaming for fun too. It's hard to be me but what can I do this is me.


witchflower witchflower
Mar 10, 2009