Yeah, I Want to Accomplish Thi...

Yeah, I want to accomplish things that mean alot to me not necessarily something like curing cancer or world hunger. I would like to travel the world meeting new people and having new experiences, one day I want to run my own store/small business. Also to help as many people I can, I don't know what it is but seeing how I am a big guy I help people move alot but after doing it I have a huge sense of fulfillment and I don't want anything in return just helping was reward ( I know it sounds really corny ) but it's the truth. I mean I was in the Ghetto of my state and it was like 2 am and I saw a guy trying to throw away and old sofa and it wasn't the smartest thing I have done but I hopped out and helped him asked him his name and just left lol. I can see a couple of things that could have gone wrong now but then it just didn't click all I thought was to help him, its kinda sad that people can't help other people without being afraid they are going to get hurt in some way.
Manovertree Manovertree
18-21, M
May 31, 2007