What Happened To Us?

Two years ago my best friend Marisa was diagnosed with cancer. The doctor's were so sure she would make it and everyone prayed for her recovery. However, last december, she passed away. I was in her hospital room with her and she asked me to go get her brother Matt who was downstairs. I told her I would and went down to get Matt. When I came back, she didn't move. She didn't even open her eyes. Matt rushed over to her, calling out to her. I couldn't exactly understand what he was saying because it was all in German, but I understood what had happed. Marisa wasn't going to wake up. My best friend was gone. Matt went balistic. He was crying, yelling, and trying to get his beloved twin sister to come back. Everyone in the room knew she wouldn't respond to him but nothing was done untill Matt tried to take his anger out on me. Two of his older brothers were forced to hold him down untill he remained semi-calm. I'll never forget the look on his face... So much pain and anger... I couldn't bare to see him like that. I cried for hours untill I fell asleep. The funeral was one of the saddest I had ever been to. There wasn't a dry eye there, even the sky cried.
It had been about a month since the funeral and Matt hadn't left his house. He spent a good portion of the day in her room just sitting there. Not talking to anyone or even eating. His mother called me and told me it would be a good idea if I and some friends took him out for a night on the town, I figured that it was a great idea and that I would call 2 of his closest friends to go with us. So  we all were headed to this pub when Matt tells us that he wants to stop at this store on the way. Thinking nothing of it, I told his friends that I'd drop them off at the pub and Matt and I would meet them there. So once I dropped his friends I then dropped Matt off at the store. Before Matt got out of the car, he wrote something down on the back of an envelope and set the writing face down onto the floor. As he stepped out of the car, he told me "Don't look at that untill you get back to the pub, ok?" I told him that I was going to wait there in the parking lot for him but he said he got a text from one of his friends saying that he had forgoten his wallet in his jacket pocket and his jacket was in the back seat. I tried to tell Matt that he didn't need it right now, but he insisted that he needed it. I foolishly believed him. As I pulled out of the parking lot, I noticed this sad but some what calm expression on his face. As soon as I got back to the pub, I went inside and gave the friend his jacket. I asked him that he didn't need to text Matt because we were coming right back... but... his friend said he never texted Matt. So I went back to my car and flipped over the envelope. "I'm going to die" is all it said. Doing about 20 over the speed limit, I rushed back to         the store just in time... To see him get shot... I got out of my car and tried to run over to where he was, but the german police stopped me. I watched in horror as my friend lay on the ground bleeding from 6 shots to his chest.    I was too late... Both of my closest friends were now gone... I cried and I cried, screaming at the police that he was my friend and that they had the wrong man. But... They told me he was the right man. They said he held the store up at gun point and stole all the money in the cash register. He didn't keep it though. He ran outside and set it on fire. As soon as the police got there, he ran around the block but somehow managed to get cornered back in the parking lot. Without even hesitating or  asking him to get on the ground, they shot him.

 Everyday I have to live with the image of him getting shot. I can't and will not ever forget the look on his face as I drove away. It was all my fault I left him there... I want to be dead instead of him. I want to bring Marisa and Matt back... But I can't... We were all such good friends... What happened to us? 

BrokenEyes BrokenEyes
22-25, F
Jul 22, 2010