My Carachters Realities

I live so out of reality. I am almost always in the mindset of one of my carachters. Maci, nia, jade, serenity, journey, estella, tuma, cassie, azalea and more...they all have birthdays, distinct personalities and life stories. I generally live in a happy reality when I'm happy, like maci, she has a happy life. Nia has had a bad life and I live her reality when I'm mad. Jade is strong and I live her for strength. Most have plausible life stories, none of them similar to mine. Azalea lives in a not truly existing country, but I know every detail of that country. Most have a little girl in their life, a sister, neighbor or close friend. None have much parental involvement. There are more carachters, and more people I could get into, but I won't. I hardly live as myself, I am always escaping reality. No one knows this. Sometimes I could live my own life for a change.
madisonianr66 madisonianr66
Sep 13, 2012