I Ruin Friendships

Whenever I get close to someone I start to become weird. It's very hard to explain as I don't even understand it. I used to wonder if I am bipolar. As soon as I feel the friendship is slipping away or not going the way I want, I become self-destructive and make things worse. When I lose friends I burn bridges in the process. I figure well it's ending anyways so whatever I say wont matter. I can't stop myself. I'm the nicest person but then suddenly I am not. I just go on rages and then suddenly my mood will switch to apologetic and then self-pity. By the time I realize what I am doing it is too late and I become frustrated with myself and then don't care if I make things even worse.
Christine268 Christine268
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 12, 2013

Try imagining that its last day to live, how would you want people to remember you by?